DIY Renovating

Reno Cottage

Renovating the cottage next-door (after 10 years as an unloved rental property).

Anyone for mowing?
Cottage renovation for
$10 000
Come on in!
We've been tagged.
Felling a tree
Shed, what shed?
DIY house stumping
The plan
Have we started yet?
Bathroom walls, ceiling...
Cutting a doorway
More demolishing
New walling
Patchwork veranda
External painting on 1st wall 
Painting bathroom and kitchen 
Cutting a new opening
Window awnings
DIY floor sanding
DIY floor tiling and floor varnishing 
Flatpack kitchen
Kitchen benchtops
Caravan style eating nook
Bathroom grouting
Odd jobs 
Kitchen update 
Bathroom update 
Amateur re-roofing pt-1
Amateur re-roofing pt-2
New wall and boxing in
Reno cottage update
We built an arbour
Painting trims and mouldings
Painting bedroom 1
Lining a new wall
White ant damage
house of fun
 More brown paint
Ceiling painting
Painting and fiddly jobs  
Wrong colour paint
Reno cottage veranda before
Veranda doors  
Stair repairs and tearing tin
Never ending story
Painting veranda ceiling
DIY awnings
Rain and veranda windows
Varnishing the floors
Fretwork part 1 
Veranda jobs
Lying down on the job
Finished floors
Fretwork part 2
Veranda gap filling
Veranda varnishing
Veranda finished floor
* * * *

Home Sweet Home

(real) DIY moves slowly, we'll get there one day.

Bedroom floorboards
Bedroom floorboards

Bedroom floorboards-finished
Goodbye curbside clean up
1 new rug=one hole in the wall
Mirror makeover 1
Mirror makeover 2
Checkerboard floors 2
Checkerboard floors 3
Checkerboard floors 4

Where it all began
More DIY house extension
$660 DIY kitchen
About a window
Oiling veranda floor

Let's clad a wall


* * * *

Old fashioned shed build
Hubby's owner built old style shed. A long awaited dream.

Shed build-framing
More framing
Shed build-roofing
Shed build-floor, windows
* *
* * * *


  1. We have been following your blog and we can't wait to see the whole finished product. We have renovated a few cottages like this, they are great fun to design, and we love the challenge. But do you want some Queenslander home renovation design tips? because we've done a fair few with good results, check it out.

  2. So I'm curious, did the reno cottage get finished (and are there complete pics) and most of all, did you stay within the $10k budget??


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