Before & after cottage.


The (neverending) story so far....

 Six palms and ...then there were none.
Front before/now
Front stairs before/now
Side before/now
Front stair area.
Front side
 Still working on removing/improving 5 inches of solid clay backfill that has been placed over the good topsoil, a work-in-progress....

 Back yard before/now

Backyard before/now
Still digging new garden beds
$50 garden arbor built with mostly freebie wood.
Front veranda south end
Front veranda floors re-varnished

Front veranda north end
 Old sliding windows painstakingly restored (front)

  (north end)

Front door turned around
Dividing wall between lounge and  (now) front bedroom moved.
Front bedroom, now lounge room.
 North-east facing, bright and sunny in the mornings.

Front bedroom, now lounge room, (front veranda wall).

Back bedroom, now dining room (into lounge)

Daughter played house for a little while.

Back bedroom/ now dining room (into kitchen)........


Kitchen before/now

Bathroom before/now
Laundry before/now

1 comment:

  1. Such a character filled house to work with! Love all the old features and the renovations you have done so far look amazing.


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