Monday, July 29, 2013

Old fashioned shed build - framing.

Well Hubby's dream shed is progressing well and the roof is going on at the moment and all you get to see are some long gone pics of the frames being  lifted. Unfortunately the blogger isn't keeping up with the builder. Just a quick catch-up post of pics.

 First part of the framing (on one side) up and getting all of the cyclone rods put in. Mr CH used steel strapping as the bracing for the shed. He would have liked to use sheets of ply for bracing as it has a higher kN rating per metre but steel strapping is easier to transport. The shed is between two neighbouring buildings either side, both are higher which offers excellent protection and therefore lower cyclone rating requirements.

Cyclone rods anchored.


The headless builder has so far done most of the framing without any help, he's plodded along at his own pace and only asked for help lifting some of the hardwood rafters up, for the roof part of the frame.

The fascia boards around the roof have been attached to the ends of the rafters. Mr Ch has worked to get one side of the framing mostly finished before he started on the lower side. Attaching the fascia on the back wall was tricky as the limited space against the fence didn't allow for trestles. So steel brackets were clamped to the frame so we could use a trestle plank to stand on, to lift the back fascia up into position.
Hopefully next shed post will have the progress up to date.

Having computer issues at the moment.


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Old fashioned shed build-subfloor.

Just a quick update post on Mr CH's shed build.I keep forgetting.
The hardwood bearers we had locally milled were green off sawn (GOS)  in other words cheap, because it isn't kiln dried. The bearers bent slightly while waiting for (the rain to stop) Mr CH to use them, so the timber needed some persuasion to straighten so the bearers could be bolted to the stirrups, using ropes and straps

Cutting joists.

Subfloor done and dusted.

Joists nailed down and anchored with steel strapping.

Back wall frame built and waiting to be lifted in place.

First wall up and braced temporarily with stud stays while being nailed down.
And stayed like that while it rained every weekend for more than a month!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Berry muffins and butterfly chasing.

Have been finding it hard to visit this little bloggy space, haven't got much to say and I have been spending time chasing the rain free days. Considering this is supposed to be our dry time of the year, certain outdoor jobs have had more than their share of frustrating interruptions. Weekends are just supposed to be fine and sunny and perfect! Not that there aren't plenty of other jobs to do, it's just that when the mind is set, the mind is set. I've been wearing myself out moving turf from around the shed to fill the bare spots of grass around the yard. So much so, that I was ready for bed at ten past seven and actually had to kip for ten mins just so I could enjoy a nightcap cuppa with hubby. I've been digging new garden beds and improving the soil, and nothing at all to show for all my work for months to come, I'm sure and the shed roof is about to go on and I haven't even shown a post about the floor!

Mr Ch has almost finished adding the quad to cover the joins around the veranda ceiling at the Reno cottage. It is his least favourite thing to do, as it often involves lots of chamfering on the belt sander to get each piece to fit snugly and climbing up and down the ladder a dozen times. The windows on one end are still in-out depending on the weather.

I forgot to mention in the fretwork post, how the vj panels under the windows had been sanded, undercoated and painted as well.

And more slats for the next two awnings has been started, lots of fiddly little jobs seem never ending.

I've been trying to work out how to write on photos, now that's a lesson in frustration. Especially if you didn't quite think about the background versus writing colour when taking the photo. I used Picmonkey and couldn't work out how to make the writing darker/bolder, anyone? Can you read the recipe? These are quite yummy and the mixture makes a dozen. I thawed the berries in the microwave and drained the juice beforehand, you could just mix the berries through if you don't mind purple muffins.

There are some positives in all this out-of-season rain. The flowers don't know whether to flower or not and there have been lots of butterflies lately. I'm just not quick enough, especially with a chilly breeze blowing them around. This little fellow obligingly fluttered around the front Iboza plant for a few minutes before darting off.

 Mr CH has been home with a lost voice, he sounds funny.
 Know I shouldn't laugh, but I am!

Hope you have a lovely evening.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Simple pleasures and muscle cars

Well our holidays are over and done with for another 11 weeks and they were a strange mix of wet and dry, hot and cold weather. Here we are still sporting summer clothes in the middle of winter. I thought a break from the usual routine would see lots of loose ends tied up but this didn't occur.  Things have meandered along at a pleasant pace, we've enjoyed the winter sun, trimmed trees, gardened, slept in (kids not the parents), watched a few movies, explored a demo yard and worked on the Reno cottage. I couldn't remember if I'd already read Kidnapped, so I devoured that overnight. Something about reading of human hardships in the chill of winter that makes the weariness all the more acute.

My MIL said she would send these casement windows to the dump, rather than buy them and bring them home.

He better not find out I took this pic.

We also took a Sunday drive to the top of the mountains (Maleny) to see the muscle car show. I didn't take my camera so these are Hubby's pics. He had a good drool over his favourites and the boys say they need to add a few to the dream list. There were lots of Mustangs (left hand steered), Fords, Holdens, Caddies, Chevies and Vals (Mr CH's favourite), Toranas (my fav) and even a Grand Torino. Gorgeous paint choices, we loved the old Holden utes. Makes you cringe at how boring cars colours are now days.

Leave you with a pic or two of one of our Iboza's in flower. The smell is heady and the flowers divine.
Hope you too enjoyed the school break or are about to (New Zealand Mums).

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