Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cushions, furniture fix-up and George Clooney's doppelganger.

I take too many photos and then never do anything with them, so I'm going to jam some into this somewhat random post (not about renovating) starting with these cushions I finally made from this vintage shirt. Being a reluctant sewer took me a bit to work out because I wanted to use the zipper as it was. Photographed on the chair one lovely follower wanted to see. This chair is the last remaining piece from my Nanna's lounge suite. I only ever knew it like this, however  Mum said it was recovered in the late 60's (and my Dad refinished the wood, trying to impress his Mum and Dad-in-law we joked) and no-one can remember what colour it was previously. We sat on the pouffe as kids and sleeping on the futon style lounge was soooo uncomfortable because you slid into the valley.

For the red lounge.

The boys (Dad and son) bought this art deco style wardrobe from the op-shop for $90. Part of a ongoing purge of new-ish style furniture in favor of pieces more fitting an older house (and our liking).

Someone had used it as a linen cupboard with added shelves labelled accordingly, yearly gardening calender  and rosey paper stuck with clag I think, and it has two hanging spaces. Seems every older piece we've re-finished has a splattering of house paint.

I took out the four middle shelves and painted the others white (after peeling the paper!)
Silver plated brass on the handles.

So out came the fine steel wool and metho and off came the old shellac. I love this part!

I actually learnt something while Mr CH watched me, apparently when they veneer the outside panels, they make sure the patterns give a mirror pattern which is called book matching and also the little blemish crack in the wood grain in certain spots is when the tree hits the ground and causes a stress fracture, he couldn't remember what that was called though.

Two days later and finished with eight coats of shellac. Love the stripy grain. No. 2 son is pretty happy (for a modern boy).

 A few pics from Easter (won't bore you with any more),camping at a relatives house. This family loves toasting marshmallows and Mr CH is going ga-ga.

No. 2 son forgot to pack his helmet so played it safe. Early morning and not another kid in sight and the sky was truely that beautiful blue.

No.3 son always plays it safe.

While there I was given this funky coffeepot and some faded florals, love the patterns.

and this dolly from the 60's that I used to play with as a child, she has wire to hold her pigtails up and used to wear pink gingham but now wears a crocheted dress made by a late friend of ours. Her shoes glow in the dark.

Recent op-shop finds include a vintage floral pillowcase, a JAJ pyrex platter for $2 and a couple of doileys that were yellow and stained (slim pickings lately).

I think this doiley is used on these plates?

and a blue agee pyrex casserole dish to join the only other coloured pyrex I have, a green one bought six years ago.

said this was a random post, did anyone else watch Miss Marple's 4.50 from Paddington mystery last week sometime? I came in part way through and saw this guy and was amazed how much he looked like George Clooney. Yes I live under a rock (it's nice and peaceful there) his name is Michael Landes and he's been in Upstairs Downstairs and played Jimmy Olsen in Lois and Clark. 

So I got sucked in and watched the whole show (long after Mr CH went to bed)

Well, got to go and catch-up on all those blogs, I've missed so much news, and the Grandma's are badgering for photos, four family birthdays in four weeks. Didn't we just have holidays?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

60 Birthday cakes

According to my Mum, I've made sixty Birthday cakes for my children,(not counting the few store-bought ones).So that's it! done my motherly duty! don't say I don't love you! 
So, here's the latest cake for no. 2 son. What would suit a teenage boy perfectly? - a sleep-head cake, complete with laptop, i-pod, dirty socks, dirty dishes, bowl of noodles and bed sheet on the floor not on the kid! 

Apparently my i-pod doesn't look like one and No 3 son said I should have added a clock that said 12pm.
 As I am prone to forgetting my birthday until the day before (seriously) I thought I would go find these sixty birthday cakes, can't really be that many. So, here in no particular order are a few of the "themed" cakes, as I have been reminded by my children on many a birthday how Mum went through a "round cake" phase in every colour (that's because I didn't have to dig out matching cake boards to cover and siblings happily helped decorate) Many a cake has been carted in the car to Grandparents houses, surprised there have been no fatalities.
 I have the proof not all were round!
The present stack (with smiley face candles sent by Grandma in the mail for the occasion) as we were doing country time (for no crime). 

 The white chocolate and peanut m&m tower.

 The Aust. Woman's weekly cookbook got a work-out.
Robot cake (still one of his favourites)
Simple monster cake with spiky hair.

 The Humphrey Bear cake that still makes me cringe.

The "bonfire" cake (because I'll put my own candles on my cake).

The beach babe's "thongs" cake.Which didn't work very well, the bubble gum straps went limp in the fridge. Should have used licorice or sour straps.

 I like to keep the candles close to contain germs, Yuk!!

 The hickory-dickory clock.

The first word he learnt to say - bear cake.

Another bear cake 

Heart cake.

Tried the "topsy-turvy" cake ,didn't really work.

 Drat - a round cake.

Sweet shop with a precarious lean.

We've done boats and cars,no planes though.

Miss piggy head for a no. 3 birthday.

Drat - another round cake.

 One of his favourites - a pirates of the Caribbean treasure chest.
Why are these kids looking miserable in the photos?

Well, making all those boob-cakes in the Whitsundays came in handy, never thought I would be still making kid cakes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter.

We're off on a little road trip for a few days to see relatives, the weather is picture perfect and the boys are taking a tent (and the dog).
I thought I might have a go at this embedding thing, so fingers crossed.
For Easter, here's a song from a band whose humble beginnings on Queensland's Sunshine Coast have taken them to the top of the American charts 25 times, selling six million albums, gaining numerous awards and Grammy nominations. Despite a number of line-up changes over the years they continue to go from strength to strength.

....and for more of Duncan's ariel drumming..(a fan clip) makes me laugh every time!

...and for a lego littered household, this is clever, complete with authentic Newsboys stage, lol.
(someone has way to much time!)

Wishing everyone a wonderful time over Easter.
Back soon with our latest reno show and tell.
See ya.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thrifty finds and Reno Cottage jobs.

Just a few pretties I picked up recently while out opping, vintage sheets in good nic are as scarce as hen's teeth around here so you take them when you can. More plastic covered coathangers for $1.25(for the two) from two different shops. One day I'll take a pic of the collection. 

A single doona cover for $2, metres and metres of fabric to chop up, excellent cond.
 An American made vintage sheet and flannel pillowcases in a matching rosey print, looks prettier than the pic shows. 

 In reno news, I forgot to show the wall lining last time, one side has been cladded with the MDF sheets. The gap in the middle is from using the boards to maximum efficiency. The walls were taller than one and a half boards, so the gap will be hidden by a flat coverstrip. We did want to use a thicker strip to give the illusion of an original wall with traditional single skin bracing however thr doors wouldn't open flat against the walls because of how little space we have to swap around.

Lounge side.
 The lounge ceiling has got it's coverstrip over the gaps left after removing the wall. Pretty ugly but can't be helped.
 The dining room wall against the bathroom needed a piece of quad to finish it off as one was missing.
 Some clever jigsawing to follow the curve.

 Old imperial meets new metric. Old profiles not available.
 A gap seal, not that it needed it.
 So where do all the tools and junk move to? The half-finished kitchen has become a store room.
 Those are the kickboards (varnished timber) on the sink, finished and waiting to be screwed in place, one day...
 Tools and a layer of sawdust, making a mess to get rid of a mess. Groan, groan...
Well, I think I've managed to make myself sleepy enough, it's nearly three in the morning. No.2 son woke me up, he's just gone to sleep an hour ago, his body clock is a bit out. After a camp-out in the front yard with a fire and a packet of marshmallows, an early morning Sunday session with his Uncles, this little grommie was so tired he had an afternoon nap. No wonder he's not tired when he should be. I've had my cuppa and a few Saos, Lily-cat is keeping my lap warm and now I'm going to disturb her.
 Goodnight to any of you night owls.

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