Monday, January 30, 2012

One new rug = one hole in the wall.

 A little fix-up we did before Christmas.
 This is part of our summer sitting room (a four room DIY extension we added to our cottage during our first year, which cost us less than $13 000 from foundation to roof), and this is what happened during a storm while we were living away from home a few years ago. Horizontal rain leaked through the windows and swelled the MDF sheets because there was no one home to mop up the water. (OK don't even mention the blue window, was a mistake a decade ago and is the final to be purged. After painting that gruesome colour at the end of a very long 18 month reno (because we broke the drought by taking off the roof) neither one of us would admit to wanting to repaint anything!)

We had used specially ordered (because of the height) vj grooved MDF panels which were a fraction of the cost of using secondhand tongue and groove boards. The amount we needed exceeded what we could find. It was suggested that we use plasterboard to save money!

Anyway, fixing this has been on the "to do list" since returning home, however after a spur of the moment rug buy, (saving $300 off the price-how could we pass up that? ) Mr CH decided after admiring the rug in place that the wall had to be fixed, and maybe a furniture rearrange, so much for that being a female thing.

 Unfortunately the damage went wider than one panel, so cutting and pasting was required. He wondered why he was having trouble cutting, forgot there was a cyclone rod in there. Cyclone rods hold the walls to the steel beams under the floors.

 If you are ever thinking of laying your own tongue and groove floor, just remember to leave an expansion gap of 5mm or so, for shrinkage and expanding. I can't remember I think the floors are mixed hardwood?

 Removing glue and MDF.

 Over time like products seem to change, usually for the better, in this case the improvements to the glue used in the MDF resist water damage now. However the spacing of the grooves is different, which required some shaping by Mr CH.

 Gluing a support board, because we cheated by not removing a full length.

 The red rug that started it all!

 And this is why I don't let Mr CH take my pic, he always gets me from a weird angle, now I've lost an arm.

 Now I get the job of picking a colour (no antique white USA around here, lol)
Now I could live with this for awhile, but it's bugging Mr CH.

Hope you're not flooded in like we were for the second January in a row. 
Have a great week, with some sunshine, hopefully

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New wall,boxing in and bedroom 1.

 The new opening between the old bed 1 and bed 2 has been boxed in by Mr CH using the half vjs he removed from the old boarded-up window against the bathroom wall.

 He added a cut down stud to the top of the wall to nail the boards to.

 The last few boards were fitted together first and nailed in one go or the last vj wouldn't have gone in.
 While he was doing that I was getting dusty, sanding the extra peeling paint caused by our roof leak. Who needs gym membership, I couldn't lift my arms above my waist the next day.

 The new stud wall between the new bed 2 and the new lounge room has also been built and fitted.

 And the Reno cottage has turned into the shed we don't have!

looking into bed 2
 Nailing the studs to the wall above the front door.
 Well, half a wall so far.

 Bed 1 sanded (twice),washed (twice),skimcoated and some spakking of the ceiling gaps.

 We had to leave the timber dry out for a week or so after the indoor rain incident. It will take months for the timber to shrink back to "normal" depending on weather, and gap filling of the ceiling will be partial at first. We usually only gap fill ceilings to stop the soot from old fireplaces and a 100 years of dirt from dropping down esp. in dry weather when timber shrinks.Undercoating painted by roller and brush (grooves).

Old white, new white

Ceiling of bed 1


 Undercoating done, it's been dark and gloomy here.

One job down,a million to go!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Farewell Summer holidays.

 I feel a bit like a naughty truant, sneaking back to blog school after enjoying the summer hols way too much. Honestly where have the past six weeks gone?!!

So I sit here and wonder what to say and how to say it, and can't for the life of me remember how I let Mr CH talk me into this thing called blogging. He's such an optimist inspite of my being a rather bad blogger when I struggle to do the renovating and find time to blog about it. Not to sound down or anything because I'm not at all. (can you tell it's raining).

  So since I was last here about four weeks ago (but who's counting right?), we've had five birthdays, welcomed one new niece, survived sleep-overs and two roadtrips westward, you know the kind of trips when you need to use the public toilets and you lift the lid to a swarm of giant mozzies or worse!, renowork, mowing, painting furniture, mowing, did I mention the mowing!!! Oh and found ourselves childless-completely childless for a few days a rare thing.

 I have truly enjoyed a few weeks off from school/work lunches and ironing, but seem to have spent any spare time attempting to tame the weeds growing akin to that man-eating vine from Doctor Who. Daughter no 1 and only, has moved out (apparently) although there seems to be nothing missing bar a few clothes and the laundry hamper. She said she would be back for more but that was weeks ago. She has tried this before, this time we might have to paint the room and move another kid in!

 I made a mobile for our little niece, (she has a name we can't remember how to pronounce) from some butterflies ($5) from the junkshop and a hoop, beading string and fabric flowers from the craft cupboard. Not very child friendly with all that glitter but tied and glued well enough.

 This is what I felt like this morning Aaaahh-hhhaaa  back to school!, as two kids went off to school, one primary, one high school. No tears for this muma.

 After having no.2 son home for a year of home-schooling (after 3 schools in three years) put him in a negative mindset, time away from distractions has been great for him to decide what he is aiming for job/life wise. He seems happier though a little nervous. It is amazing what great resources are on-line these days and I was surprised to learn that there are up to 20 000 kids around Oz that are not registered in any kind of ed. program. Happier to have had the one on one time with him, though I think I am not a self-less enough person to want to do this full time. I have been a mum for more than half my life this year, not that, that is an excuse but he's done more reading in one year than he normally would, lol.
Well, it's been bucketing down here for days and the washing needs drying and I need some lunch. Have a few projects to share over the next few posts because this is supposed to be a renovation blog hmmmm, anyway do you like my storm lilies, they love the rain, it's the only time they flower and I have six bunches of them. We dug them out from Mr CH's Pappy's place and he's been gone for ten years and there's a block of units there now! Aaah, I've gotta go!
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