Monday, July 23, 2012

Handmade doorstop and magazine drooling...

Well, I finally finished the fabric doorstop I started 12 months ago. Just in time for the windy weather. As an almost non-sewer (thanks to the mental scars inflicted by my grade 8 home-ec teacher) my sewing is limited to taking up jeans and sewing projects that only have straight lines and as few of them as possible. So I must have felt confident to tackle something of my own thinking with no pattern. I didn't even know how to sew a circle! I can't even remember ironing on the fusing or pellon, but I roughly sewed it together to see if it would work and after mocking me half sewed from the fabric pile for the past year, I pulled it apart, gave up the idea of flowers in co-ordinating fabrics and went for plain felt. I wasn't going to waste time hand stitching if it wouldn't work. Tried bullion stitch for the first time and also buttonholes.

Took a bit of thinking to get all the bits sewn together in the right order with a bit of unpicking happening. Got chucked across the room. I wasn't sure what a good proportion for a doorstop was. Sewing ric-rac was a bit trickier than I thought. I didn't sew the circle as well as the first time - of course! Now that it's finally done, don't know if I like it anymore, ha (it's a bit pink).

My mum has a subscription to Aust. Country Style magazine and usually drops them by for me to read, the August issue had me drooling over a lady's lovely house of collectibles in Victoria.
There is something appealing, about a home full of things gathered over a lifetime, things that give a home personality and reflect the interests of the owners. Something that just doesn't come from the one shop.

Her beautiful collections and well worn furniture.

 And photographed by Sharyn Cairns, one Aussie photographer whose work I always keep an eye out for. I read an article in a photography mag of Mr CH's years ago about how she uses the natural light of the rooms to 'provide the most visually enticing, tight, neat image" to highlight something beautiful rather than showing the reader everything. (Australian Photography Sept 2010) Love her compositions.
Another pic of Sharyn's that I love from the Aust. Country Style feb 2012.
Another fav mag, Country Living - British edition June issue (late for us) has some lovely summery garden pics to ward off the winter blues. For a few hundred pounds you too could have the look!

For those of us whose gardens are looking a little swampy at the moment, English garden loveliness.
Wonder if Mr CH would build me a dovecote or would he dig out those birdhouses he made me, not quite the same are they?

  Country living also has a story on Christina Strutt's (Cabbages and Roses) mill cottage.

 And lovely veranda eye-candy from America. Interesting how many magazines are featuring one story per issue from another part of the world. Truly is a small world.

Enjoy your week ahead....

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Painting ceilings and everyday pics.

Another catch-up post, seemed to have lost the blogging mojo in a big way lately. Must be winter or something.
 Mr CH has sprayed the first coat of ceiling white (after his battle with the masking tape). 
dining room


bed 1

living room

He knocked together a door for the doorway between bed 1 and bed 2 with boards from the living room wall that we removed. The door has been sanded, scrubbed and undercoated by me.

The secondhand door we bought from the demo yard for $30 (with hinges,doorknob and mirror) has been given a couple coats of white to rid the beige. It's a modern door unfortunately, but it was the best choice at the time. It has that textured look we don't like.

The second bedroom (the former living room) has been sugarsoaped and sanded and washed by me.(the filthiest job ever!!!) 

 Some wiring has gone in the new living room/bed 2 wall.
More MDF walling has gone up in the second bedroom.

The dog doesn't like to be left alone!

Skirting boards have been removed from the second bedroom.

Gross cockroach poo!!!

A torn vj board has been glued and nailed back into place.

The living room ceiling has also had it's first coat of ceiling white as well.

 Mr CH is madly trying to finish a photography course he started a few years ago, and between us, we've taken nearly 700 photos in the past 3 weeks (because I'm keeping him company scouting locations, and sponging tips and techniques). Most are destined for the recycle bin, as learning how to take a half-decent photo is an ongoing challenge. Penny-dog and Lily-cat are the usual models, enjoying a rare daytime fire. It's amazing how much they tolerate each other for the sake of warmth.
My low light blurry pics.

Lily likes to lean against her humans to suck every bit of warmth, she either didn't realise she was leaning against Penny or she didn't care.

If you ever wonder whether a visit to the beach in the rain is worth it, it so is. A howling gail and wild seas whip up foam and the best beachcombing, earplugs would have been good.

Our best haul of big shells in one go, ever.

Our niece, little miss H got her trache(a) tube out and the first thing she did was pull a blankey around her neck, it must have felt strange to be without a neck tie for the first time in three years. Now a wait to see if the hole closes up by itself or if she will need scar tissue cut away. 

More unwilling posing.
How quickly these boys are growing up.

Trying goofy pics at the beach,playing in the seafoam,trying to make the dog swim and staining clothes brown (thank goodness for vanish!).

They laughed at these pics.

Here's to a warm and cosy week ahead.
 It's a dog's (and cats) life!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More brown paint.

 Well, I had entertained the thought of blogging a little bit more often, but I guess that thought left the brain almost as quickly as it entered. Where did the past few weeks go? Well, here are the few pics I meant to post 3 weeks ago. Living/lounge painting done (2 coats).

We are adding a picture rail to visually lower the high ceilings and make the room appear wider than it is. The rail and above will be white.

Mr CH decided to try that new-fangled drop-sheet/masking tape stuff to tape off the walls so we could spray the ceilings two coats of white. He started taping while I was off feeding kids (who think pkt noodles are food!)

I came back to discarded sheets and him spitting chips! Seems this stuff doesn't like sticking to gloss walls. No sooner do you get around the room when it starts dropping off the walls and sticking to the floor. Sticks well to a dirty floor.

  Got it sorted in the end!

Taping a line for the picture rail. We decided to leave the living/lounge light position where it was, to one side (cos it was one less thing to do!).

 Before I go, do you like this plant (two weeks ago in the sun)

 Today in the rain -tetradenia riparia , iboza riparia or the misty plume bush. An awkwardly growing small shrub, tends to lean towards the sun and smells strongly a bit like Chinese five spice, pretty flowers though. An hallucinogenic herb apparently (if you smoke it!). This one has been in the ground about two years and is 1.5 mts tall.

Until next time....
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