Monday, May 14, 2012

Guitars,thrift and stair railings.

 Thought I would share a pic of my Mother's day tulips, so pretty.
One and only daughter made a cheesecake, which we ate for afternoon tea instead of dessert (because she wanted to taste her handiwork) and I spent the Sunday morning devouring another Dr Syn book in bed (the fifth in two weeks, but who's counting?) Nothing like a bit of adventure on the high seas.
 If you like pirate movies you would probably enjoy  his odyssey. Written in 1915 by Russell Thorndike as one book, it proved so popular that he wrote another six books preceding the original story. A parson turned pirate bent on revenge, then back to parson (masquerading as leader of a notorious night time smuggling gang) even the religious  hypocrisy is hilarious. As a child I was allowed to climb over the headstones in the church yard of the story (in Dymchurch)  Van Diemen's Land also gets a mention as does Tortouga(s) from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Disney made the story into a series/movie in the 60's, so the modern movies have a lot in common (borrowed?). My Dad started me on these books as a teen and they are still favourites.

Anyway, while I've been wasting time reading previously read novels, Mr CH has been crafting his own guitars and enjoying himself way too much! (That's what he wanted the rosey tins for,Tam)
 He's thinking he might sell online?

Been staying close to home, working at taming the garden before winter and testing out the pressure cooker I got for my birthday a few months ago. So not much opshopping done, though I found this little fellow badly stained, he washed out easily and I thought he was quite sweet.

 Also found this anodised toast rack - made in Melbourne!

I had a whinge to Mr CH that "our house" reno was being neglected in favour of the Reno cottage next-door so he went off one morning and came home with some wood and proceeded to finish the stair railings started four/five years ago before our "country shift". So for my whine, I got to spend two days painting!, because you know how it is, when the railings were painted, the stairs looked drab. So they were scrubbed down and painted. Then the front walls needed washing and now the veranda floors could do with an oiling.

So while I have new paint I'm going to take a pic, cos that's as good as it gets!
 I guess this might be the before pic. We bought the ugliest house with the biggest backyard and the most convenient location.
taken the first month here

 We don't have the strenght to change the colours as yet, maybe one day....

before - me with the bub

Keeping it simple.

Another before pic, Mr CH in his sexy short shorts pulling down the lean-to carport. Which we probably should have kept to house all the extra cars that seem to frequent the front yard.

Which is now the low maintanence pebble track of broms, ferns, moses-in-the-bulrushes, happy plants and coleus. As low maintanence as it gets around here!
Sometimes I wonder why renovations have taken so long, we've cut hole in walls, extended, concreted, welded, paved, moved mountains of dirt/bark/hay/bricks, endless painting, gardening and mowing and it has to be done again tomorrow. By the time you get from the front of the house to the back, it all needs doing over.
Someone said to Mr CH recently "Home renovations are only finished the day your house goes up for sale", I hope not!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to the house of fun....

..that's still looking delightful

dining room window (practising photoshop)

lounge to veranda window under sill bogged and sanded.

Mr CH cutting the old vj board for the new door jamb.

Cutting off the tongue.

Just imagine a few grunts and groans as he tries to get a tight fit.


He's keeping me amused lately - can't reach his ruler...
can't see where the line needs to go....

not tall enough

and the elation of a hung door, anyone would think we'd finished the whole house!
 The inside has become the outside, we're not going to add any extra moulding to the door. Still deciding  how to paint it.

 You would think removing a few bits of quad wouldn't be too hard?

It's those nails that are always the problem.

How much does he love renovating - this much!

Have a great long weekend everybody.
Take care.

p.s. work health and safety... waas dat...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

White-ant damage in the Reno Cottage

I've been dragging my heels a bit on the renovating posts and are four or more behind, so bear with me while I squash a few in. We've patched up a few holes with the trusty car bog. Like this one created by moving the wall. 

A bit of white ant damage unearthed after removing the under sil has also been filled.

The lovely tagged front door has been removed to repair the door jamb.
 The hole from the wall strap on the other side has also been filled and sanded smooth. There has been  white ant  damage to much of the lounge room, though the walls are still very strong, such is a 3/4 inch board.
 The area behind the front door. The first board has been removed and replaced with a vj board from the old wall we pulled down.

Mr CH used an impact driver (a chunky tool with changeable bits) to remove the dreaded flathead screws from the door hinges. You simply hit one end with a hammer and the vibrations work in one direction to unscrew the screw, that way you don't strip the screw end out.
 This side of the door is going to be the inside side, as it's only slightly fancier than the other side and we didn't want to repair the handle hole. The door needs to open flat against the  new bedroom wall.
 Mr CH removing the jamb.
 He's happy because it took a bit to prise out the long nails.These houses weren't meant to fall down!

 The damaged bit.
 Lots of sanding has been done in the new lounge room (former 1st bed)
 Corner quad has been painted as well.
 And apparently I'm supposed to include this, cos girls can wield a nail gun too (even if it's only for that tiny bit of quad!)
Back with another update tomorrow if I can get a go on this computer.
We've got a young house guest for the weekend, I better go check the biscuit jar.
Have a lovely weekend
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