Friday, October 28, 2011

For Neet.

 My gypsy sister has lost her darling Holly-cat. A sad time for all the family.
Affectionate to anyone and loved by all.

Violet eyes and Lynx-pointed.

Lily's sister,hard to believe they came from the same litter.
One spoilt rotten cat who had a wonderful life, will be missed always.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

$1.50 for 10 wooden coathangers...

...from the op-shop.

One hot glue gun, fabric scraps, lace, buttons, ribbon hangers cut from new clothes, paint, gloss spray, denim, threads and a bead.
3 left as is, because they were a nice shape.
( they just escaped stamping!)

The odd shape out got the crochet make-over.

Flowers made from youtube.

Three were painted and finished with homemade flowers.

Three decorated with fabric scraps and a crochet flower.

Pretties from leftovers.

Petrea volubilis.
Also known as the sandpaper vine or tropical wisteria. Prefer full sun/part shade.

Mr CH built me an arbour from leftovers more than a year ago.

I planted a Petrea which sat and sulked for months.
Then started to grow and rewarded us with two flowers in the first season.

It has continued to grow in a "jack and the beanstalk" style and is in flower at the moment.

Isn't it pretty? I wonder what it will look like next spring.

Thank goodness it's Friday!

Enjoy your weekend, take care.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reno Cottage-kitchen update.

The Reno Cottage kitchen is almost finished, the doors are on and most of the powerpoints are in. We decided to add a panel of spotlights above the bench and sink for extra lighting. The funny little box for the pull-out rangehood has the power connected above and is strong enough to use as a shelf. I'll admit when I saw it up I thought perhaps we should have made it enclosed all the way to the ceiling, but neither of us wanted to start again. We didn't want overhead cupboards making the kitchen seem smaller and maybe it would be a good spot for an ipod dock or better, a vintage radio. White skirting boards have been fitted under the nook spot.

We have added a wall mounted rack for the microwave next to the pantry, to free up as much bench space as possible in this tiny kitchen. It is adjustable for different sized microwaves and cost $50(for up to 50kg).

We made some open shelves with a plate groove for display, the brackets cost $8 each.

Mr CH used these "Easy fix door and drawer templates"to drill holes for the handles in the kitchen cupboards. If you've spent $60 on your doors you don't want to drill in the wrong spot. I think they sell for around $6 each. They would be handy to use for furniture restoration also.

The doors (only) came with a plastic wrap for protection, which we've left on until everything is finished.

Still to do- plumbing the sink, 1 powerpoint and the sub board has to go in the kitchen as well, shelf above nook window to be added(pic 1),pine kickboards have been varnished with tung oil (in pic 1 sitting on the sink)and are to be fitted, few bits of quad to be nailed in the corners. A bit of painting here and there. And we are yet to decide what we are going to use as splashbacks.

We are pretty happy the kitchen looks much better than before.

Don't you think so?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Painting,new wall and a door.

Just a small update of those little jobs we have been working on lately. The back wall of the Reno Cottage next-door has been undercoated and has had it's first coat of green, painted by hand while Mr CH was at work.

Mr CH had to build a new window surround because the old bathroom window was not worth saving. We decided to use a window kept from our own house renovations and it was slightly smaller. New putty and 3 coats of paint and going in and out a few times for fitting and it's looking much nicer. Now I just need to paint the second coat of green.

If you remember the plan, we need the doorway between the kitchen and the new bedroom 1 covered over. So Mr CH used 3 panels of MDF sheeting to cover the whole wall (formerly dining).

The wall was packed out and one power point removed, you can see the wiring for the power point to the microwave on the other side.

Much cleaner and now uniform.

The strapping was removed and the old fibro left in place and simply covered over.

before (into kitchen)

A new door surround was needed for the doorway between the new bedroom 1 and the new dining room because we changed the door opening around.

His favourite toy.

We have decided to keep the doorway between the new bedrooms, which was the opening between lounge and dining (always handy in case of fire), so Mr CH has made a new door to fit from the pieces of vjs pulled off the walls so far.

Some wood from this spot underneath the old window was used.

Hope to show a bathroom and kitchen update next time, until then enjoy the weekend.

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