Thursday, September 29, 2011

School holidays...

..when sleeping-in until morning-tea becomes the norm for the littlest kids..
because it's just too darn bright out there! And we are not willing to part with our winter pjammies (that we out-grew last year) because they are a great napkin for misplaced breakfast dribbles (but that only bothers Mum).

..when the dog only listens when she hears the word "walk"...

...and the parents can't sleep-in past 5am because that's when these ratbags start squawking loudly and don't take a break until their midday siesta.

...and then start up again until 6.30pm..

... when Mum decides that the cat is the only self-cleaning thing in the house...

..because even the cacti need a dust.

...and cleaning goes ballistic.

.. we discover we own a "spotted dick"!!!

(alias-drimiopsis maculata, a some-what rare victorian-era bulb, also known as a toad lily,charming,bet you wish you had one)

...that the best plants are the free kind, esp.flowering...

...that I should have planted twice as many babianas...

...that even the disposable gloves have had enough!! and are retaliating..

...that Mr CH doesn't own any clothes without paint on them either..
...that if I had pruned six weeks ago, I wouldn't have had to throw flowers away...

...this is the perfect place to hide a ball from your brother...

...14 years old and "bloomin beautiful"...

...we are amazed at how something that looks so revolting (mushroom compost at "a buck a bag")...
..makes sweet peas so much sweeter..

We've cleaned, sanded, painted, pruned, gardened our way through the holidays and can't complain. We survived sleep-overs and found ourselves childless for a while.

Have we been "flat-out like a lizzard drinking"?

What a ridiculous saying - he looks pretty chilled-out to me.

Enjoy the last three days of the holidays...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Reno cottage update-bathroom grouting.

Just a quick update before I have to cook tea. Haven't felt much like blogging lately, must be something to do with this spring air, hard to believe we are 2 weeks into spring already. Who wants to be inside on the computer when the garden beckons. Although, if I had a cute little spot like this at my backdoor, I could spend a few hours on the computer.

Bathroom grouting has been done.
(Mr CH with a mini vac)

All grout dust has been sucked up and tiles wiped down, ready for grouting.

Holes cut by Mr CH with a grinder. We were told some plumbers use the grinder to cut square holes instead of using a hole-saw. Quicker and less prone to breaking tiles.

Had to use a hole-saw for the toilet pipes though.

Floor ready for grouting.
The censored pic, does he want to do this?

Mr CH worked in small sections wiping the grout (black grout) into the grooves and allowed the grout to change colour (drying) before wiping away the excess in a diagonal swipe. We used 3mm spacers and found it was much easier than the 5mm we used on our downstairs floors.

Sponging off the excess grout.

Not bad for amateurs. Looks better than I expected using the black, hopefully this will hide any stains, mould etc.

Mr CH worked so quick that I didn't get any photos of the walls being grouted, just more of the same but with white. Took us a few days to do the whole bathroom, not a job you want to linger over.
Mr CH wiping the powder off the tiles before it sets hard

Included to show that we taped the floor grout with tape so that the white didn't mix with the black while we were working.Something we were told, plumbers run a bead of silicon sealer along to front edge of the bath at floor level to protect from leakage due to movement when the bath is filled up with water.

Short and sweet- gotta go and make tea.

Until next time.....

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