Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking a sickie.

Mr Crazy House recently took a day off work due to a head cold, he was feeling over-worked and was glad to take a "mental health day".

He flippantly remarked he was celebrating his aniversary, after a second of mild panic I knew I wasn't forgetting the wedding aniversary.( hey I have even forgotten my own birthday a few times, until I was rudely reminded!, once you hit 30 you start keeping an eye out for a delorean.)

Nope, it was exactly one year ago he took a day off work. Why? Because he gave himself a fat lip sliding face first down the skate ramp in the backyard! (Yep, we have one too!)

How embarrasing!

Poor boy.

But that's not the really embarrasing part.

What do you do at the end of a sickie?, why you get back on that skateboard for another go, and then you break your ankle! OUCH!

If your going to do something you might as well give it a good shot.


Mr CH: Call the ambulance!

Me: Are you alright?

Mr CH: Nooooo, I've broken something!

Me: Are you sure?

Mr CH: Course I'm sure, arrhhh!! it's facing the wrong way!

Two bones broken in three places.
Three plates and a couple dozen screws.
Well done.

Try calling in sick for that one!

Having had no major broken bones in our house before, we had no idea what to expect. But our neighbour (who works at the hospital) came over after seeing the ambulance and said " Looks like surgery for that one"

Yep surgery, but only after the swelling goes down.

So Mr Crazy House had his bones pulled (and I mean PULLED) back into position to be wrapped in a back 'slab' until surgery. He might have been knocked-out but I still had to watch.

Why do you let out groans of pain if you can't feel anything?

Ice packs for a week to help with swelling and pain and plenty of panadol.

Bruises from trying to get a cannula in, by ambulance and triage, thirteen injections!


Looking a bit pale.

A week spent trying to sleep in a reclined position and feeling bones grinding when he had to hobble to the bathroom.

Didn't complain about sponge-baths though!

Glad to be home
Looking much better a week after surgery. Bruise on heel from doctor's thumb while pulling his leg straight.

A bit of muscle wastage.

That bruise took months to fully disapear.
Nice smooth legs!

Nice cankle.

Bandage off and forty staples removed.

Feeling good.
Grossed the kids out!


On the up-side Mr CH has caught up with five years of missed action-movies.

And plenty of paper-work.

Total time off work 2 1/2 months.

Now he has decided to take-up a new sport, something safer and less demanding on his bones


Friday, September 17, 2010

Felling a tree,grinding a stump and building a fence.

So, we need a fence to keep out the deliquents!

The first available school holidays had to be spent building a 6" high fence. But first we needed to remove a large messy umbrella tree growing on the fence line, weeds and a rusty wire fence.

Requirements- one Dad with chainsaw and a trusty old mazda/volvo ute or as we like to call it "The Volda".

The supervisors Jay and Daisy.

Discussing what?

And pull.

Stump grinding with a "Toy" from the hire shop. Having fun? Note the safety goggles and Aussie workboots of choice!

Really loud and spitting chips.

Don't you just love quick-set cement.
We had to hire the nailgun for this job as K&K went on holidays (again!).

As this was a quick job we fenced accross the driveway and personal gates so there was no access from outside. To be modified later on.
Apparently Dad let the boys have a go with the nailgun!
After Mum had left the scene.

Our neighbour works at the hospital and has seen many (men) with nails through various body parts,one guy three times, how do you nail your own thumb?

Looking good.
We chose fancy top pailings to go with our end of the fence which were more expensive, but by building the fence ourselves we spent $70 a metre compared to $100-$150 to hire a contractor to install one.

We chose to rebate the stringers to expose the posts on the faceside of the fence and routed each corner of each post for decorative effect.


Nailgun and nails-$86 with nails to spare.

Total so far $1125

We've been tagged!

This is what happens when you buy a house before you know what you're going to do with it.
Lucky the house was already trashed.

So we had to leave town for a few years for Mr Crazy House's job (400+kms away) and on a visit home for the holidays got chatting with the owner of the cottage. We found out he had an ad in the local newspapper the next day to sell the house, so we made an offer then and there and he said yes. Now we just needed the bank to say yes. Risky business!

So then we had to suffer through the dozen people that turned up the next day hoping no-one would make him a better offer. Not an easy thing to do when would-be developers turned up and loudly started making plans that involved not only that house, but our house as well!

The settlement of the property went through while we were away and the house was empty for a year after purchase. During that time teenage friends of the former tenant broke in (not hard to do) and tagged every room, even the toilet seat.

How do we know who did it, because they were busted coming out the front door by our brother who promptly told them off. They got such a fright. Lol

Can you imagine being bothered to write the same thing over and over and over.

We weren't really bothered because every surface needed a make-over anyway.
Although we did board-up some windows.

Let's hope it all get covered by paint!
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