Thursday, May 6, 2010

Anyone for mowing ?


I thought I would show some photos of the reno cottage that we intend to renovate, on a budget for a rental or as a guest cottage.
The backyard of the reno cottage. There is a dividing fence in there somewhere.

 The back fence is 6" high, so that makes one big clump of itchy grass weed! One mangled mango tree and one broken recycle bin half full of beer bottles with beer in them.
We need a ride on mower.
Thankyou Mr CH for the oh-so-flattering photo of my bedhair, it was early! We just wanted to take a closer look before we took possession. I think the pen and paper was to take some measurements. Scratch that, we need overalls, workboots, gloves, gas mask, what is that smell?

Backdoor of reno cottage. Note the skanky bit of rug nailed under the railing. Why?

Outside laundry, with fist hole in the wall( from a kid) Broken bathroom window.

Under the back stairs. Why put rubbish in a bin when you can just chuck it under the house!
"look at all those free pavers" mr ch
More weeds and long grass.
"the girl makes place look good. i bought this place for u, now what do i get" mr crazy house
Itchy grass rash!
Northside of reno cottage.
"the good side" mr ch

That's debatable. Who needs glass windows when you can have plastic wrap instead.
More yukky photos to share later.
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