Friday, August 27, 2010

newest member of the family

Penny (from big bang theory) the Jack Russel Terrier is the newest member of the family. She was bought from the animal refuge and is around 2 yrs old. Quiet nature(so far) how could someone give her up? Loves to run, escaped 4 times in the first week, yes even I left the gate undone.

What a cutie.
The kids are enjoying training her with treats.
Lily cat has been amazingly tolerant and has only given her a whack in the nose twice so far.

Why do dogs watch you when you eat?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

salvias in our winter garden

Ever since I've had my own garden I have grown salvias, such as the red "bonfire" or the common purple and white ones.
But recently I have become totally smitten with the lesser grown (in my area) perennial salvias. I bought an old issue of the Gardening Australia magazine from the book exchange shop with an article on growing salvias and the flowery pictures were enough to convince me to search out some perennial salvias.
I would have vases of these all over the house during winter, they are so cheerful!
salvia rutilans
Salvias seem perfect for our climate. They love hot dry spots and most don't mind the humidity or a light frost.
I like the appeal of flowers in the garden all year round with minimal maintainence.
Mexicana limelight (or lime bracts)
This is quite a fat sprawling bush up to 2m in height and width with deep purple flowers at the end of the branches, eye-catching.

salvia rutilans - pineapple sage

This one smells so yum! Pina colada.

Salvia Wagneriana I think. Newly planted and already flowering madly.

Type of Splendens white and cream.

Newly planted.
Has been in the ground for two weeks.

Another splendens peach.

Involucrata - pink icicles.

Rather large gangly bush in my garden in spite of prunning , the flowers are huge and well worth the space.
I love this in a vase.

Not completely sure what I bought this as , although I have seen it as Van Houtii - leopard or varigated.

Dutch form of splendens?

Van Houtii - leopard

Salvia Hot Lips pink

Salvia iodantha. Mexican fuchsia sage.

One of my favorites! This was planted in my garden six months ago, it has been prunned twice and is almost two metres high. The flowers tend to face downwards on the bush, but they look lovely in a vase.

I am still trying to remember what I bought this as, as I tend to forget what I have bought as soon as I leave the markets.

The flowers are as big as a pinky finger!

Smells quite minty.

I'm looking forward to adding more salvias to the garden. Now I just need more garden beds!

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