Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy vintage finds 2013

Blue and green can't go wrong,  1950/60's basket for crafty bits (to gather dust).
Another round-up of those vintage finds that have brightened my days this year, little bits that haven't made it into a blog post. Mostly kitchen stuff this year, which is kind of strange as the cooking urge has been extremely on/off this year. Most have only have cost a dollar or two, sometimes it just isn't about "how much something costs".....

A selection of crockery that has joined the Crazy House this year @ a dollar or two each, Royal Tudor Ware, Johnsons of Australia, Johnson Bros (England), Saji (Japan), Morello, Alfred Meakin, Queen Anne. 
Got thinking while looking at this pic, we have never bought a dinner set... never! We seem to get given them (whether we like it or not, ha) I kinda like mismatched everything these days.

After wanting a baba cake tin for so long, but not actively searching for it, I found one in an oppy and I'm embarrassed to say I've only baked one cake in it and that was quite "ordinary". Happy to find this old rustic wire rack that I've also wanted for a while (much nicer than the newer types), have used this many, many times.


More grandpa mugs for a few cents

A light blue Propert sifter, made in Australia and another seersucker tablecloth (another potential accidental collection), $2.75 for the both.

After seeing others happily showing their "brand new" vintage sheet finds, I was pretty happy to find my own brand new vintage sheet set in retro pink. Could I cut them up though?  Not much call for pink bed sheets in this house. The 70's had such happy sheets.
Two vases this year, this vintage ring vase (Dianaware i think?), perfect for fallen blooms. 

And this unusual vase (1960's i think) for $1 from the oppy.

Spirea (s.cantonesis) is the reason for wanting a garden of my own, love this flower bush, double May.

From the oppy, a gorgeous set of Pyrex Cinderella bowls, the smallest has a few scratches inside, but they are in amazing condition.

$9 for the set.

A retro sewing basket, because even we non-sewers need somewhere to put all those bits and bobs.

Missing two pearly beads, but clean and in good knick.

Continuing on the mustard/brown/retro orange theme. One piece of furniture this year, it's getting close to one-in, one-out around here, so I need to be more selective. I wasn't too selective with this one though as they are getting harder to find around here. I think the op-shop people thought I was crazy, they don't know I have a hubby who can mend almost anything. This is all you get to see for the moment as it needs a minor spruce-up. After Christmas maybe, sticky 70's contact begone.

Three and a half meters of retro Christmas wrapping paper for 30 cents and some Gaiety paper streamers from the 70's/80's. I remember my sister and I making those concertina folded streamers with these to decorate our tree and paper chains, (which my kids are making for our Christmas)

Only one swan this year, another Caseyware swan planter, the largest I now have, think this might be the middle size at 18 x 26cms. I love them, I think the Caseyware swans have the most elegant pose of all the swan makers.

Lastly a lovely serene Vernon Ward print. Still haven't found a home for this one yet.
Done and dusted for the year!
Have a wonderful week people, (last week was a testing one for us!)


  1. So much goodness in this post! My faves are the basket (those colours) the ring vase, I have the same floral pattern in a monte green straight vase, those pristine sheets and the pyrex- I have the same set in pristine condition and mine cost$12 so yours were a bargain! Hope your week improves, we have had some challenging behaviour in our house too, hoping it is put to bed when school ends. mel x

  2. You have had some good finds this year. The unusual vase made me double take. I have a small (about 4" high) watering can in the same pink with the exact same spray of flowers on it and it has gold lines on it. It used to my grandmothers. Also while unpacking boxes recently I found my husbands nans sewing basket that isn't in as good condition as the one you have. We have a friend who uses bed sheets as tablecloths because she thinks there are prettier sheets than tableclothes around.

  3. So much goodness! I think my favourites are the grandpa mugs, the Pyrex set and the baskets. Awesome finds!

  4. Oh my gosh those Pyrex bowls.. AMAZING. You sure were lucky to pick them up at that price and a full set in one go.
    Ohh pink sheets are my favourite. I'll swap you for some non-pink ones if you like.

  5. You are making me drool with every picture! I love the green & blue basket...perfect colours. And the pyrex bowl set is AMAZING! I love the pretty sheets too. There's something special about a vintage sheet! Leisa. Xx

  6. I love everything here! These are exactly the sort of things I love picking up from the op shops too....I just need to take photos of them and do a Post! Mel x

  7. What a wonderful collection of goodies you nabbed. The mugs, the swan, the sheets (don't cut them), the pyrex. Swoon!

  8. Love all your finds, especially the plates and the pink sheets (yes cut, they need to live on). I'm embarrassed to say I think I have some of those streamers in my craft cupboard!

  9. Just had to tell you I found the exact same sheet set at my local Lifeline! The cotton is so crisp, I can't wait to put it on my bed! Leisa. Xx


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