Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Old fashioned shed build - roofing.

A little bit of a catch up post on our budget shed build. The roof to Mr CH's shed was installed over the winter/spring break, working around a few unseasonal rain delays. We bought around $2000 worth of tin (if we bought it new) for $250 on Ebay including delivery. We went from no iron to too much overnight. We scrounged some corrugated iron for the front wall from the parents, though it hasn't a nice rugged red (rusty) patina I was hoping for. It's a lovely feeling to finally have a roof on, makes it feel a bit more like an actual structure.

All but one fascia have been added.

It is recommended to hang the sarking with a 45mm sag to avoid condensation moisture build up, which may cause rust.

A few months ago Mr CH bought himself a new toy, another impact driver drill. The old faithful Dewalt drill we've used, is starting to make interesting protest noises, this one is smaller and battery powered and he's been looking for any excuse to use it. Give a guy a power tool to beat the one-man builder blues.

Lean-to roof almost covered.

Sarking and roofing done!

This gap between the two rooflines will be clad in plastic sheeting, which will add natural lighting to the space. The plan is to install a narrow shelf under this space, running the length of the whole shed for storage of infrequently used items. We changed our minds about building swing out plastic window panels for extra ventilation as there is almost always a good breeze blowing and Hubby didn't want the extra job. If he changes his mind, it's something he could alter down the track when he has the time.

One and only daughter surprisingly wanted to help, nailing up the sarking.

Free guttering (ugly square profile) in place, just need the drain connected.

The King surveying his soon to be kingdom.

Ugly (cheap and delivered) tin from ebay installed on the back wall (and on the roof) Thankfully is almost hidden from everyone's view. The neighbours don't mind either, as this side is not their view side.

  Mr CH wanted me to include a bit about these bracing tensioners. These nifty little gadgets absorb the slack in steel bracing. As you only nail bracing straps at each end, it can be hard to avoid some slack over a few meters span. He used about a dozen all up, at around $3 each.

More sarking tacked up and that's where he's up to for the moment. The floor has just arrived for the next job.


  1. Wow, great progress. Love the photo of your daughter. Looks like a fun and eventful journey you are on :)

  2. Our daughter likes to get in and help with our renos (she is probably hope that we get the job done quicker lol). Power tools and men - we apparently need another power saw because the other three in the shed aren't the right size for a workbench he brought at a garage sale. I roll my eyes at him and say of course who knew lol.

  3. It's coming along! The king will soon have his castle. : )

  4. "Give a guy a power tool to beat the one-man builder blues"
    Mr.MS says:


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