Thursday, October 24, 2013

" To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow " - Audrey Hepburn

Spring, always the most colourful time of the year. While our dry weather has subdued the quantity of flowers this spring, there are still lovelies to be found. Have been spending a lot of time outside lately (not counting oiling the back veranda), so I took a walk around the garden taking pics over two days recently and here are some flowers that made the (picmonkey) cut.
 A. Centaurea. cornflowers
 B.   Evolvous. blue sapphire
 C. Plumbago auriculata. royal cape
 D Lobelia blue eyes
A. Petunia
B. Justicia alba
C. Neomarica gracilis. walking iris
D. Erigeron karvinskianus. seaside daisy, fleabane
E. Plumbago alba. white
F. dietes grandiflora. fairy iris
G. Chrysanthumum
H. Cosmos
I. Salvia farinacea
J. Dianthus. sweet william
L. Pentas lanceolata. white
A. Sedum Angelina
B. Russelia, yellow (usually red)
C. Thymophylla tenuiloba. Dahlberg daisy, golden fleece
D. Dietes bicolor.
E. Pachystachys lutea. golden candles, lollipop plant
F. Euryops pectinatus
A Acalapha reptans . summer love, red hot cat's tail
B. Rose. one of two unnamed old fashioned types.
C. Camellia. alexander black, last two flowers for the year.
D. Dianthus
E. Callistamon. little john
F. Salvia rutilans. pineapple sage
G. Stromanthe tricolor

A. Abutilon hybrid. pink
B. Rose. sweet seduction
C. Rose. unnamed miniature apricot/pink
D. Cosmos
E. Salvia hot lips
F. Rose. unnamed miniature larger
G. Petunia
H. Guara lindenheimeri. lollipop pink
I. Osteospernum. opens purple fades to pink
J. Pentas. mauve
K. Pentas. hot pink
L. Oenothera speciosa. Pink evening primrose
M. Pandorea  jasminoides. bower of beauty vine

A. Grevilia robusta. silky oak
B. Pelagonium. old style
C. Ixora
D. Salvia splendens. peach
E. Gerbra. single
F. Salvia splendens. bonfire
G. Monbretia/crocosmia
H. Anthurium
I. Justicia brandegeana. shrimp plant

A. Ruellia. wild petunia (bit weedy, need to be brutal)
B. Brunfelsia australis
C. Petunia. carnival
D. Petunia
E.  Scaevola. mauve clusters, fairy fan flower
F. Verbena. perennial verbena
H. Verbena. perennial less hardy mauve type

More purple, Petrea volubilis  gets prettier every year, fading to green with heat at the moment.

A handful more that were too slow to flower at the time now include....

             Hippeastrums                                 abutilon                            hibiscus - orange lantern
       gardenia                                       spathiphyllum                         acanthus mollis
                  Butterfly bush                                  agapanthus                            salvia macrophylla
                    Spirea- pink (small)                                      hibiscus - syriacus  (double?)

Thanks to a resident pair of kookaburras this hibiscus is free from grasshoppers and starting to look lovely. It was one of the few flowering bushes already in the garden when we moved in, very easy to propagate. Hope there are plenty of pretties in bloom for you.
 There's a small sprinkle of rain outside, hopefully....
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Very beautiful! Happy Spring!

  2. I can't believe all these flowers are from just one garden! You must have some very pretty flower arrangements throughout the house. xx

  3. Are these flowers seriously all from your garden? Wow, when can we have the full tour! So lush and green and colourful, it's dry as a chip down here and poor Betsy's back section is compacted dried mud! mel x


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