Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Retro October 30 1974...

What were women viewing almost 40 years ago. Some good, like a pattern for the outfit above or the chance to win a COLOUR TV (and that you could buy a magazine for 30 cents) Some not so good like some of the fashions below. Thank goodness some things do change.

An interesting story about Bert and soon-to-be Patti Newton.

Floral fabrics in candy colours weren't just for the bed. Bet there's no toilet mats lurking in the op-shops, ick.

Myer was setting the style of matching curtains to bedspread. Because everyone has a castle to decorate.

Maggie Tabberer was selling Wiltshire.
Everyone's mum had Staysharp knives, we had the carving set and a single in the white (parents still have them). So they didn't clash with our orange benchtops. Our benches were real orange.

"The floral chandelier from Spain is a highlight of the kitchen", (and collectable today)

Wonder how well the marketing went for this ice cream? As kids we were told to avoid "logs" at all costs, especially while swimming at the beach or public pools.

The 70's,
 the decade of beans in all guises.
 Cue The Goodies, Tim Brooke Taylor.

Baked beans are good for your heart
baked beans make you  .....
the more you eat, the better you feel
so eat baked beans for every meal

One to bookmark for Christmas entertaining.

Lets start with the cute fashions. Katies $12 super sun suits.

A-line skirts, always flattering.

  Mildred Roper? (Yootha Joyce)
High waists were essential..... hide your humongous Bridget Jones panties.

 Hmmm more green.

Fresh-faced Berlei Bra ad.

Kimonos, tie-dye and pleats.

Still chilly enough to crochet a "dusk jacket" for evening wear.

Egg white face peel, still one of those failsafe products.

Was there only one hunk-a-spunk in 1974?


Beach BeeGee?

Such a fine line between style and comfort.

Heels and knee high socks.
This one's for my Dad.

"Some call it underwear, but the tops are really made to be seen". 

Horizontal opening. Lordy!!!

The Hipsters of yesterday.

Left this one for last, as I just know you would love this image etched in your brain for hours.

Go on look again!


  1. Oh my goodness there's a lot of images there which will stay with me all day! Made me laugh too though!

  2. I will never look at holeproof undies in the same light again! These are fantastic images. Thanks for sharing and giving me a good laugh! xo

  3. This is too hilarious Crazy House! Thanks for all the bulging male underwear images...that last one was a real keeper! So did you write this post a little drunk on that famous Aussie wine?...we love Yellow Tail Merlot and know it can pack a punch! I was noticing that some (not all thank goodness) of the fashion adverts. look strangely familiar to what people are wearing today. I myself vowed I would never wear "skinny jeans" again, just a year ago, (think 80s) but I currently own 2 pair! (one corduroy pair that are bright pink) Fashion never really changes just gets recycled and slightly altered. Appreciated the "giant panties" Bridget Jones quote too.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. This is hilarious Simonne! The last man is simply hideous all stretched out like a lion in the sun. Foul. And the other dudes in the undies ads certainly caught my attention!! The horizontal undies opening - say what now?! Love the Beach Bee Gee too.
    Have a great weekend. xx

  5. Oh what a find! Except now I am lying here dreaming about neopolitan logs, who knew they were "wholesome"? Nothing wholesome about any of those bonds undies pics. Bet Pat Rafter is relieved they haven't done a revival of any of these numbers. mel x

  6. The terrible thing is they all look so familiar (me being circa 1962) lol. Check out Women's Weekly on "Trove" you'll be blissfully lost there for hours :-).

  7. Oh this post is fabulous! So many interesting adverts. Love it.

  8. Hi Simmone, Needed a giggle and had to pop back and see your men in underwear again. Hope the new year is treating you well. Donna xx


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