Sunday, October 13, 2013

Not about renovating!

Just a short post to say hello and thanks for all your comments over the past few posts, know how time is precious. Mr CH and I have been working on a largish maintenance job that has been on the to-do list for fourteen years, so I've been a bit absent from visiting, trying to decide if I should keep blogging or not, you know how it is, one day at a time. Don't know what to do with a dozen drafts, waiting for that last pic or a few vaguely intelligent words. So I'm just dumping a few photos out of the pile snapped in the past week or so, some oppy finds and such.

 New pic needs a home.

Battered, bruised, but still beautiful, I wasn't going to leave it behind for $3 (when they usually sell for more than thirty dollars). Usually make a point of not buying chipped anything, this one an exception. Took ages to clean off sixty odd years of grime.

Saved three brown "grandpa" mugs from the oppy bin, 20c each, to match the ones we already have. (Two thirds of a wheelie bin going to land fill because people don't want to buy preloved!!! and that was just from one row)
 The strange thing is, no.2 son has suddenly taken a liking to them and actually thought I bought them new, who me? Thinks they're kinda funky and the perfect size for his hot chocolate. 

Nature's air freshener of the week, Brunfelsia australis is in flower, we all know it as yesterday, today and tomorrow or morning, noon and night or kiss-me-quick.
Albeit a mangled flower, it's proof to me I finally have the yellow brunfelsia (b. americana) that has been on my covet (for want of a better word) list for years. Yay!
  Hippeastrums $2.50 a pot from the markets.
 Not the same as the giant "frog's eggs" (tapioca) we had as kids, still goes down just as well, vanilla sago and stewed apples, sweetened with brown sugar.
From my Nanna's CWA cookbook, love how she wrote "good one" beside the favoured recipes. 
 No "stir over fire" for my sago though.
Getting back into the baking after a few weeks off. This slice from the 50c WW recipe book tastes lovely, I used macadamia and cashew nuts only and mixed in some chopped dark and white chocolate as well.

First flowers of a new plant I haven't grown before, the poached egg plant. Planted two punnets of seeds months ago and only two plants survived a munching by something. Pretty excited (pathetic), thought they were never going to flower. Sixteen weeks to flower.

Aren't they the prettiest aphid munchers you ever did see?

It's that time of year, the flowering Jacarandas show it. The school year will be finished in a few months and summer is almost here. Thankful to live in a town with so many of these trees, we have one.

 If these trestles stay here any longer, I'm going to plant a vine! Desperately need some rain, have only had 42mm in the past few months and that was in one night.
Once you start you can't stop. Told you it wasn't about renovating.... 
I'll pop back soon. Take care. 



  1. Take care Simmone...I hope you're not preoccupied with termites! I do hope you'll keep on blogging...even just a I seem to be at the moment.

  2. Beautiful pics Simmone - I'm glad you decided to share them. I am a big sago lover too. Sago, custard, rice pudding, all those old fashioned puddings - I love them all x


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