Sunday, September 1, 2013's all about the flowers.

Was going to talk about verandas this morning, but feeling a little despondent now another favourite blogger is calling it a day. So I'll just show a somewhat haphazard post of pics of why I can barely stand to be inside watching a computer screen at the moment. Spring is here.

The days are hazy and the animals lazy.

Vases of jasmine scattered throughout, are perfuming the whole house.

New additions to the garden, limonium, daisy, rondelitia (light pink one), pink mallow (from the hibiscus family) and I can't remember what the deep pink one is called, anyone?

I'm enjoying tending this little spot, the begonias are flowering, a third begonia is settling in well. The miniature hot pink azalea is flowering for the first time and some annuals are starting to flower. Some tricolour coleus cuttings behind have taken and a baby justicia has added lots of new growth. All nestled under the only rose I can grow and it's not down to my care and attention.

 Wish I could hand out cuttings, it's such a lovely, hardy, old style rose. It's enjoying the sun before the crepe myrtle above gets it's new leaves.

The abutilons are flowering, hard to take nice pics of them in the shade.

The peach blossoms are almost finished and I only snapped one pic this year.

The petrea is in flower now and looking gorgeous considering there is not much fertilising done around here.

Have some blog catching-up to do, back next time with some veranda pics, (that I need to go and take)
Hope your garden is flowery and your day is wonderful, until next time.


  1. Loving all the beautiful blooms in your garden! xx

  2. You have inspired me!!!! The garden looks amazing!

  3. Beautiful garden Simmone. Who is hanging up their blogging boots? A fave of yours?
    Looks gorgeous and sunny up there. Have a great week. xx

  4. Thank you for your kind words Simmone. I will always be popping in here, how could I miss out on your fantastic cakes and amazing makeovers!

    It finally started to feel like spring the past week, and has gone from 8 degrees to 24! Your beautiful flowers are so lovely, I'd rather be surrounded by these than the computer screen too. Enjoy your glorious days, Tam x

  5. What an amazing garden! I am dying to get started on mine, especially now that spring is here. Don't you love the blossom!!

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful! So very spring-like. The photo of your doggy snoozing in the sun is SOOO cute :)


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