Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reno cottage - veranda floors finished.

Dragging my heels on this post, had trouble taking pics that weren't a bit on the blurry side, broke a bit from the tripod and can't use it, so these will have to do. The floor is done and dusted, still need to screw on window handles and sliding blocks, and lights?? Love how dark the floors are, makes a nice change from the rest of the rooms.

Our homemade skirting boards have been screwed into place. Most of the cover strip trims have been nailed in place, which has tidied things up nicely.

The poor battered and worn doorway treads have been undercoated and painted in "oxblood". Soon the front stairs will match.

Our lovely chunky doorknob has been hammered back on. We recently saw some repros like this one, but no where near as solid (Recollections, if you are looking)

 Wondering if I should paint some "oxblood" trim on the door panel edges, looks a bit too all white.

We had originally intended to "wall off" this end of the veranda, thinking third bedroom/study. Have now decided if someone needs another room a wardrobe might suffice.
One day when our own veranda has it's windows installed (on one end only), our poor old homeless iron bed might fulfill it's purpose as a day bed, until then I might play (very) amateur stylist (and photographer)....

 Could have grabbed something a bit nicer to photograph (eyes roll) The pretty handpainted vase was a gift from a girlfriend many years ago, the blanket and chenille bedspread opped and the vintage sheets were my sister's. She had the pink room, I had the brown and I thought my room was the best.

Can't turn my back on a newly made bed for a minute.
Have a lovely day.


  1. It looks gorgeous, the windows are amazing. I'm a real sucker for coloured glass.

  2. It all looks gorgeous, love how you have picked up the purple and greens of those beautiful windows in your bedding. And your cat is just like mine, keen to photo bomb at every opportunity.

  3. Must feel wonderful to have it finished - it certainly looks wonderful - like your styling photos!!

  4. Beautiful. It's all the little details of the cover strips and skirting that you've used that I love too. xx

  5. Lovely, given me ideas for my 'sunroom'.

  6. You are doing such a beautiful job of renovating your home Simmone. Love those vintage sheets, it looks like a really lovely space. x


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