Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gingham and ric-rac - my vintage aprons

Just a little posts of pics. Thought I might show my small "accidental" collection of aprons. You know how it starts, someone gives you something they think you might like and before you know it you are seeing (and buying) similar pieces and suddenly you have "a collection". While I never actively seek them out, I can spot one a mile away, and gingham seems to be the favoured type, just can't seem to help it. I think they just remind me of our carefree childhood at my Nanna's, aprons on the line, home baking and a garden sprinkled with edibles, gooseberries, loquats, guavas, monsterea. How funny that I live in the same type of house only streets away.
It all started with the first two aprons, given to me by my Aunt, they were my Nanna's. She belonged to that era when cooking without your apron was unheard of, I can't ever remember her cooking without one (she would have been 107, still fondly remembered (esp. by my Dad) for her yummy chocolate cake, jamdrops and treacle pudd).

Pretty mauve with white crinoline lady and cornered hemline.
Not gingham, but fits in well. Has anglaise trim and false pocket detail. My Aunt still has a pale blue one similar to this one.

First of two green aprons, has two crinoline ladies with posies.

This would be my fav, light olive green with cross stitched flowers.
Red with simple geometric pattern.

Second green apron, heart shaped pocket and crinoline lady with stitched flower details.

Quite like this one as well, brown, tapered pocket and simple geometric design.
Purple with yellow stitching and daisy detail.

 Blue with stylised flowers and machine stitched edging. Colourful

So do I wear them while cooking? Nope, I should though, they're too pretty to be packed away. I usually wear the one above (70's maybe?) or my old black and white ones, so I don't need to fuss about stains. Maybe when I get a kitchen refurb.

I like how the past owners/makers of these aprons have each endeavoured to add a little bit of prettiness to the often hot, messy and overlooked monotony of constant food preparation.

So there it is, my small accidental collection so far, nine aprons. Still could find a yellow, orange, black/white, who knows what is out there just waiting for me to rescue...... 


  1. Oh gorgeous!!! I LOVE vintage aprons and am guilty of the very same obsession (I have 30 - oops!). Like you I just can't help myself when I see one at the Op Shop...Have a lovely weekend! Mel x.

  2. WOW!! Beautiful. I think we are all guilty not wearing aprons when we probably should - I know it would cut down on the amount of fat stained clothes I have thrown out over the years!!!

  3. These are wonderful. I collect vintage/retro aprons too! Have a great weekend xo

  4. I love your collection too, my fave is the red with the false pocket but those cross stitched ladies are pretty fab. I have never come across one of these in all my oppie travels, perhaps they have all been fleeced down here but if I come across those missing colours i know where to send it! I only have one and I do wear it if I am baking something messy, does have a small chocolate stain on it now though! mel x

  5. Lovely collection you have there! I must confess that I've been throwing mine on more and more these days (thought I was the only one!) xx

  6. What a wonderful collection of gingham aprons! I love the chicken scratch designs and the ricrac trim. :-)

  7. Lovely collection, I have some tucked away somewhere too - should get them out and wear them.

  8. Lovely collection, now all I want to do is Chicken Scratch ... thanks for that lol.

  9. Love your collection Simmone...I know..there is something wonderful about aprons on a washing line...maybe that sense of work completed!

  10. Love the gingham Aprons Crazy House!
    I was thinking of you today.
    Wanna know why?
    I desperately need a kettle (October means I go back to drinking green tea)
    but simply could not spend the $35 Target wanted for one.
    (do you have Targets in Aussie-land?...they are a good thing and a bad thing}
    So I went thrifting today for a retro kettle...didn't find one but of course I found other goodies.
    Something about retro kitchen accessories makes me feel a kinship to my grandmothers that I never really got to know.
    You inspired that in me.
    Sorry, for the fact that I have not been clicking on your blog lately, but like I said, as I picked my way through mis-matched china sets and plastic trays from the early '80s I did think of you.

  11. LOVE your apron collection! I love that chicken-scratch on the gingham, I have one or two myself, they are my favourites.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, yours is lots of fun!

  12. Oh love them!!! You so should wear them, Simmone. Actually, I reckon you could almost where them shopping:) I keep seeing one - a brown and white gingham with red rick rack at the Sallies and everytime I go up to it, touch and think should I get that? Haha!!! Love collections! x


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