Thursday, August 22, 2013

The veranda floor - varnishing.

Lots of dusting, wiping and vacuuming later and the veranda floors are looking and feeling smooth enough to varnish. Let's just say I'm over picking out splinters during my wake-up cuppa in bed!

The floorboards at the front door are pretty worn, as to be expected from an eighty+ year old house. Most of the holes have not been filled as most nails were deep enough and I wanted them to stay rusty brown. Some have an undesirable silvery shine to them as Mr CH couldn't punch them in any further without damaging the surrounding wood, the wood was too hard, as old hardwood does tend to harden with age.

Found an old pic, showing how ratty the floor looked near the doorway before.

Another bit of white ant damage, yet to be sealed from underneath.

We will probably paint this step "oxblood", as neither one of us wants the job of sanding the paint from every little crevice .
First coat done and dry.

Varnishing the floor is my job while Hubby is off at work. I was surprised at how much the mop caught on bits of the hardwood, thought there was going to be fluffy bits everywhere but there was only a few bits. We like how dark the floor has become, it's a change after being light grey for so long. It looks so different in colour, can't help but stare at it every time I walk in.

The very dry, worn timber at the front door soaked up lots of varnish, as expected for the first coat. Sorry not a very good pic.

Hand sanding in progress, more splinters, can't wear gloves or use a sanding block for this bit, need to feel.

This is the varnish I used and this is where I left the mop.
 I'm the queen of "turps soaking", sometimes for so long I have to throw away a brush. Anyone else? No? just me.

We are so glad took the nostalgic road and painted the ceiling green, it helps limit the glare from the white walls and windows with all the winter sunlight, should feel cool and fresh especially in summer.
 Have decided three coats of varnish will be best for this floor, lots of traffic and it is the front doorway after all, and best to do it now while the house is empty.
Just two more coats to go...
Have a wonderful weekend people. 


  1. Impressive! My front verandah floors look very much like your 'before' pic so there is hope for my old girl yet. xx

  2. Lovely! Yours is the opposite of ours..we have green walls and a white ceiling. I like your thinking though, about the glare. I will consider that next time I'm painting it. The floors are now like ours too!

  3. I do like the green ceiling. It goes so nicely with the white. x

  4. The floor has turned out beautifully all the hard work must be worth the end result. I love the light coming through the stained glass too, it's so pretty.


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