Monday, August 19, 2013

Reno cottage - filling the gaps in the veranda floor.

Work on the veranda floor was started a few weeks ago, then left for another job. This is our last floor and the last major job for the inside of the Reno cottage. After this the inside jobs are small, filling random holes, small tiling jobs, touching up paint marks, installing door/window catches, curtains etc. the easy stuff, well except the curtains.
We've been digging out decades of dust and dirt from between the cracks of the veranda floorboards, the dirtiest job ever. Lots of pebbles, probably from a fishtank, rusty nails, safety pins, hairclips and the grossest - a used!!cotton bud and a false fingernail. 

So after the gaps have been cleared, you can see through, which is not a good thing in winter. The front veranda floors are the same mixed hardwood as the kitchen floors which were originally open veranda hence the gaps for rain run off. So they will probably look much the same as the kitchen floors when varnished.

 At the time of floor sanding the lounge/bed 2 and also giving a quick once over sand to the dining/bed1 floor as well, we weren't thinking too much about the state of the veranda floor. If we had, we would have gap filled the grooves before sanding to save ourselves some tedium. So our extra job was to fill the gaps and wash away any excess gapfiller before it dries as it then would require too much sanding. Mr CH did the squeezing and I did the washing, working a few rows at a time. Tedious and grubby job and you probably couldn't pay someone enough to do this. We let the filler skin slightly for a few minutes to avoid it pulling out with the washing.

As the gapfiller has it's limitations depth wise, sheets of 3mm plywood are being cut and nailed in between the bearers underneath the floor. We are thinking this will act as a barrier to spack falling out in the case of wood shrinking, (hardwood moves less than softwood) and also as a bit of extra insulation underfoot. Not all the thin gaps are being filled, it is a veranda after all and will retain a bit of it's rusticity, in a nice way hopefully.

Fourteen tubes of gapfiller later, floor done and given a sand over with the orbital and fine disks and left to dry for 5 days to fully cure.
 We spent $70.20 on the gap filler. The ply, well that's still a work in progress.
 A little thing Mr CH always does, when changing tubes, rather than cut and fit a new tip each time, simply screw and reuse the old tip on the new tube. Saves time and wastage and you'll always have a few spare tube tips if you need them if one dries out on another tube.

Now just a small bit of dust to clean up.

From the windows....

To the walls... pity these little shadows couldn't help, they certainly like to be part of it all.

Looking forward to someone else cleaning this little house, I've done my fair share.


  1. That's a big, big job! I am so glad we didn't need to do our floors in this place after reading this.It looks great by the way. xx

  2. Wow, those floors look superb, almost better than my interior ones, we have quite large cracks there that have not been filled. Love how your pets come to keep you company in the sunshine. mel x

  3. There's just something about old timber floors isn't there? It's hard to understand why they were once covered by carpet or lino! All your hard work will pay off - they are going to look fabulous! xx

  4. I'm so impressed by your attention to detail and hard work. Thanks for the info about this process.

  5. We had our front verandah {which also used to be open}sanded and varnished when we first arrived but didn't gap fill...some of the old dirt is probably holding together still...but we haven't put anything underneath either. Did you use marine ply or ordinary? Did you nail it with a nail gun? Just wondering, as we've been thinking of doing the same.

  6. Gosh the verandah has come up nicely.
    Beautiful cat too. they always find the best sunny spot. x

  7. Finished result on the floors looks well worth all your hard work. Love those windows. Laughed out loud when I read the list of treasures found in between the floorboards.

  8. Those floors are GORGEOUS and you have way more patience than me! Very impressive :-) Mel x


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