Thursday, August 15, 2013

Old fashioned shed build - more framing.


Just another catch-up post about Hubby's little shed build project. The framing on the top side was completed first, fascias done, bracing straps in and already taut and doing their job. All the cyclone rods are in and the battens for the roof are on. So Mr CH turned his attention to getting the framing for the lower side done so that all the framing is completed, ticked off and ready for the next stage.

Because he is doing most of the framing on his own, his second set of hands is usually a clamp.
The stumps on this side will only have the top showing as the ground needs a bit of fill before the concrete slab is laid (eventually) with a slight slope for drainage. Which is why they look a bit rougher than the others.

Easier to cut and drill all the pieces while on the ground, before anchoring in place.

Playing Hangman?

The framing almost complete.

Now you get more of an idea on his shed design, the higher enclosed room is for his tools, clean workbenches, pool table etc. and the lower side will eventually have a slab on ground for a vehicle, machinery etc. with sanding benches along one part of the outside shed wall. Unfortunately (for him) there is no extra room for all his engineering machinery (most vintage) currently housed in the parent's sheds. Though I wouldn't be surprised, if one day the Reno cottage has it's own machinery shed, ha. Because we have a narrow block of land, the shed needs drive through access from the back entrance.
There has been one issue, we didn't expect the shed to shade most of the vege patch in the middle of winter, hence the plants are competing with weeds until the sun gets higher in the sky. This shade should be useful in summer for those plants like lettuce, that sometimes fry in a full day's sun.   

 Do you think it's big enough?
 Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Hi Simmone! Impressive shed indeed!! Go big or go home. (Thanks for your comments on the blog. You are hilarious. ) xx

  2. Great shed - he'll be happy playing out there!


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