Thursday, August 1, 2013

$10 bought me...

 Two pretty Alfred Meakin plates for $1 each, two clear depression glass bowls ($2.50 for both), an Australian Women's Weekly biscuit book (50c), another Aladdin thermos for $1, another Pyrex pie plate for $3 (but I don't have a white one), an old steel with a burn on the handle for a $1.50, an as new flannel pillowcase for no.2 son for 20c and a pretty crocheted washcloth for 50c. $9.70 for ten things.

I find it hard to pass up the old depression glass bowls even though most people don't seem to like them. I use them in summer esp. Christmas for salads, clear glass goes with everything. I always choose the glassware with definite mould joins (if I can feel them) and imperfections such as bubbles or pour marks to make sure I'm not buying reproductions. I did start collecting the green glass about 14 years ago then stopped, but find myself drawn to the simpler clear glass these days. Something about the unloved.

I've been wanting this book for many years despite having more biscuit recipes than one family can eat. Have recently seen a "new vintage edition" on sale for $10. Think 50 cents is more like it as the original price for this book was $5.98. I was a little disappointed to find that I already had about a third of the recipes, but I'm still happy to have it in my greasy little hands. I made these passionfruit bickies recently,but piped round.

My favourite slice would have to be this one, ginger and lemon together, yum. Great for freezing for the lunchboxes, icing and all. I always freeze my slices iced.

Happy little family, I paid $1 for the middle size this time and 50cents for the large back here.

Brown pieplate in action, last nights apple pie with chopped walnuts, chopped caramel bits, almonds and demerera sugar and only a quarter was eaten, pie anyone? P.s that makes ten pyrex pieplates, but whose counting, somebody stop me!

Feels like spring!
 Hope your oppy finds have been happy and that your weekend is wonderful.


  1. Wow! You got some goodies. Love the plates and thermos. Have a great weekend. xo

  2. Lots of fun finds! And your daisies are beautiful!

  3. Ten pie plates would make a wonderful big pie making day could freeze them ready to just pop in the oven and eat!

  4. $10?! Great thrifting scores there. I love how you buy in sets or groups - the flasks etc. $1 for a flask is such a good price - I never seen to get ultra thrifty goods anymore.
    Enjoy the baking! x

  5. All for $10. That's the reason I find it so difficult to buy new, the prices seem outrageously high in the shops.
    I like the depression glass ware. x

  6. That's a great buy for 10 bucks. I remember making that ginger slice, its really yummy, my mum has that book too. Actually I think I saw a re-publication? of it only recently. It would cost you more to buy it new. Hope you have enjoyed the weekend. Tam x

  7. Ha ha! No more pie plates! You can start leaving pie plates behind when you're invited to BBQs and not even notice they're missing!

    I have an addiction to a particular Kosta Boda plate which I always find unloved in op shops. I have too many now but still can't help buying them... xx

  8. Hi
    Wanting to ask an unrelated Q. I've been drooling over your DIY Renovating page, have set up page myself, and have photos with captions (we too have been owner building our house for over 3 years now - more to go) any how I've been googling and trying to work out how to gt my photos to lay out in a more table style like yours, thus far they go down in long style.
    any suggestions, I'be be most grateful


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