Sunday, July 7, 2013

Simple pleasures and muscle cars

Well our holidays are over and done with for another 11 weeks and they were a strange mix of wet and dry, hot and cold weather. Here we are still sporting summer clothes in the middle of winter. I thought a break from the usual routine would see lots of loose ends tied up but this didn't occur.  Things have meandered along at a pleasant pace, we've enjoyed the winter sun, trimmed trees, gardened, slept in (kids not the parents), watched a few movies, explored a demo yard and worked on the Reno cottage. I couldn't remember if I'd already read Kidnapped, so I devoured that overnight. Something about reading of human hardships in the chill of winter that makes the weariness all the more acute.

My MIL said she would send these casement windows to the dump, rather than buy them and bring them home.

He better not find out I took this pic.

We also took a Sunday drive to the top of the mountains (Maleny) to see the muscle car show. I didn't take my camera so these are Hubby's pics. He had a good drool over his favourites and the boys say they need to add a few to the dream list. There were lots of Mustangs (left hand steered), Fords, Holdens, Caddies, Chevies and Vals (Mr CH's favourite), Toranas (my fav) and even a Grand Torino. Gorgeous paint choices, we loved the old Holden utes. Makes you cringe at how boring cars colours are now days.

Leave you with a pic or two of one of our Iboza's in flower. The smell is heady and the flowers divine.
Hope you too enjoyed the school break or are about to (New Zealand Mums).


  1. I love the colour of the green ute and grey Holden. I also like your boyo's sheets (that was very sneaky and naughty of you Simmone, my girls would kill me if I took a pic of them like this!) That Iboza looks amazing - I bet the bees love it. What is that interesting yellow flowered plant in the first pic?
    I'm still making my way through my original bowls of lemons. Trees groaning. When you mentioned freezing them in your comment to me, do you freeze the whole lemon? (way easier than juicing them first - we freeze whole oranges to eat frozen in Summer, so I suppose this would work...)

  2. It does make you cringe looking at today's cars. They all look the same and don't have the same design details. We have a lovely 1960's falcon.

  3. I returned to work after a week off and wish I didn't. The kids still have another week. Heaven that your kids sleep in! I only wish!

    Gorgeous bedding and sleeping like an angel...awww.

    Fantastic cars. In my other life, I had a red Ford XP coupe, similar to the green and white ones :) T x

  4. Just about to start our Summer break here in the UK, we keep everything crossed for some sunshine over the coming weeks!

  5. What have you been making with all that citrus? No sooner did we get through our HUGE box of mandarins, Mark was in Gayndah again and brought home with him oranges, limes, and lemons. I've juiced some of the fruit and frozen it for later (there is only so much you can eat.) xx

  6. Your iboza is really beautiful!! I know one of my readers (Tammy) who would LOVE these pics of vintage cars. She goes to shows, too.

  7. My boys would have loved the car show! I will be interested to see you prove your MIL wrong about the windows..hehe!

  8. Wait! You kids sleep in? When does that happen? I love the linen on your boys bed, both the floral and the stripe - so gorgeous. And those Iboza's are beautiful, I can smell them all the way down here. Have a great week back in normality - we still have 1 more week of holidays down here. Mel xxx

  9. Aww! Look at your sleeping angel. Not an angel if you got caught. He..he..he..
    I have to confess I've never read Kidnapped but always meant to, it's not that I don't own a copy, I've had one for years.
    I would love to own an old classic to pootle around in.


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