Monday, July 29, 2013

Old fashioned shed build - framing.

Well Hubby's dream shed is progressing well and the roof is going on at the moment and all you get to see are some long gone pics of the frames being  lifted. Unfortunately the blogger isn't keeping up with the builder. Just a quick catch-up post of pics.

 First part of the framing (on one side) up and getting all of the cyclone rods put in. Mr CH used steel strapping as the bracing for the shed. He would have liked to use sheets of ply for bracing as it has a higher kN rating per metre but steel strapping is easier to transport. The shed is between two neighbouring buildings either side, both are higher which offers excellent protection and therefore lower cyclone rating requirements.

Cyclone rods anchored.


The headless builder has so far done most of the framing without any help, he's plodded along at his own pace and only asked for help lifting some of the hardwood rafters up, for the roof part of the frame.

The fascia boards around the roof have been attached to the ends of the rafters. Mr Ch has worked to get one side of the framing mostly finished before he started on the lower side. Attaching the fascia on the back wall was tricky as the limited space against the fence didn't allow for trestles. So steel brackets were clamped to the frame so we could use a trestle plank to stand on, to lift the back fascia up into position.
Hopefully next shed post will have the progress up to date.

Having computer issues at the moment.



  1. Goodness that is going to be one heck of a man cave! You might never see him again. mel x

  2. Is there anything that man can't do? I'm impressed!

  3. Nice big shed, he'll have to buy more tools to fill it :-P

  4. Hi Simmone, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely message. I love to meet new visitors. Your blog looks great, can't wait to read more. The shed will be great when its done, looking forward to seeing it finished.


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