Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Berry muffins and butterfly chasing.

Have been finding it hard to visit this little bloggy space, haven't got much to say and I have been spending time chasing the rain free days. Considering this is supposed to be our dry time of the year, certain outdoor jobs have had more than their share of frustrating interruptions. Weekends are just supposed to be fine and sunny and perfect! Not that there aren't plenty of other jobs to do, it's just that when the mind is set, the mind is set. I've been wearing myself out moving turf from around the shed to fill the bare spots of grass around the yard. So much so, that I was ready for bed at ten past seven and actually had to kip for ten mins just so I could enjoy a nightcap cuppa with hubby. I've been digging new garden beds and improving the soil, and nothing at all to show for all my work for months to come, I'm sure and the shed roof is about to go on and I haven't even shown a post about the floor!

Mr Ch has almost finished adding the quad to cover the joins around the veranda ceiling at the Reno cottage. It is his least favourite thing to do, as it often involves lots of chamfering on the belt sander to get each piece to fit snugly and climbing up and down the ladder a dozen times. The windows on one end are still in-out depending on the weather.

I forgot to mention in the fretwork post, how the vj panels under the windows had been sanded, undercoated and painted as well.

And more slats for the next two awnings has been started, lots of fiddly little jobs seem never ending.

I've been trying to work out how to write on photos, now that's a lesson in frustration. Especially if you didn't quite think about the background versus writing colour when taking the photo. I used Picmonkey and couldn't work out how to make the writing darker/bolder, anyone? Can you read the recipe? These are quite yummy and the mixture makes a dozen. I thawed the berries in the microwave and drained the juice beforehand, you could just mix the berries through if you don't mind purple muffins.

There are some positives in all this out-of-season rain. The flowers don't know whether to flower or not and there have been lots of butterflies lately. I'm just not quick enough, especially with a chilly breeze blowing them around. This little fellow obligingly fluttered around the front Iboza plant for a few minutes before darting off.

 Mr CH has been home with a lost voice, he sounds funny.
 Know I shouldn't laugh, but I am!

Hope you have a lovely evening.


  1. You guys work sooo hard! It sure is a labour of love! Its all looking so nice, the verandah will be a lovely spot to sit.

    The muffins do look delicious and the recipe is easy to read.

    p.s. I like your tabber widget!

  2. It sounds like things have been so busy for you, all of your hard work really shows especially in all of those fine details, you house is really going to look amazing when it's all finished. Love those butterfly photos too just stunning Simmone. I hope you've had some more sunny weather your way. x

  3. Oh dear Simmone - ive missed so much on your Blog too !!!

    The veranda is looking gorgeous, so much DIY-ing, makes us feel slack !!!

    Im catching up on my reading - ive been on an extended study break :)


  4. Those butterfly photos are beautiful! It sounds like you've been hard at work over your way... I love seeing your latest happenings. Those beautiful windows at your place in the first shot are amazing! I too use Picmonkey but haven't tried the text on images part sorry. Your muffins look and sound delicious! x

  5. I love your windows soooo much. They remind me of my old place and make me miss it lots:( Everything's looking fantastic and your photos are so gorgeous, Simmone. x

  6. I can read the recipe...very cool effect.
    Pic monkey huh? I still can't thank you enough for the link you included about 6 months ago of the pix o matic site to alter photo for free. Love the polk-a-dot butterfly pics and know that Mr.MS would hardily agree with Mr.CH's sentiments onfinal trim work.


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