Monday, June 10, 2013

Veranda jobs

Just a little update over at the Reno cottage. Still lots of fiddly jobs to do for the veranda. These grotty boards have been given a wash even though they will be covered by the fake VJ panels.

Also need to deal with the floor gaps at some stage before varnishing the floor. Neither of us are looking forward to that bit, will involve a bit of grovelling under the house we think.

The fake VJ panels have been installed under the veranda windows. Some parts of the next two awnings have also been painted.

The cover strip for one end is now finished.

 The metal strip that the middle window slides along (for the front facing windows), has been nailed in place once and for all, a bit of a tricky job involved partial nailing and measuring while holding the steel straight and punching the nails in because of the ridge.

Child labour (or future DIYer) enlisted to measure and cut sarking for behind VJ panels. We've run out of insulation for this end, so the sarking will have to do. Don't think it will matter much with all those windows. The windows on this side are still temporarily nailed in and come out when the weather is fine. So they've been in-out-in a lot lately.
 Battens installed to attach the VJ panels to.

All those tricky bits to fit old and new together, chamfering a board on the table saw to hold new windows in from above. One end of veranda done!

We've used some graphite powder in the window bearings to help them run smoothly, still makes a racket and the powder leaves some black dust for a while. Can't use oil as dust sticks to it, interested to know if there are any better products/solutions for window lubrication that would be suitable for these old wooden windows. Do people still use these old windows or does everyone just replace them with aluminium windows?
Well, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend depite the washout.
What is it with wet weekends lately? 


  1. I'll be interested to see how you deal with the gaps in the front verandah..we have the same problem and have just varnised it and left the age old dust in the cracks but it slowly falls out leaving gaps!

  2. I love that front veranda space, such pretty window panes.I'm afraid if I was in charge of buying a reno project, I'd make the decision entirely on the pretty windows lol.

  3. You are creating such a pretty veranda. It will be such a versatile space. x

  4. Hi Simmone, I'm with JustJen - the windows are fantastic. It has rained solidly here for two days - good to know it's not just Melbourne getting all this rain.


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