Thursday, June 6, 2013

Over-cushioned and trims and things

So much for me thinking I should be a little more frequent in blogging posts. After spending a week covered in oil-based undercoat and house paint (not for the Reno cottage though), we realised we had no Internet connection. Funny, you don't miss these things until they're gone, had phone connection, just no Internet. 'Tis a tad inconvenient not being able to oogle Google when you need to know something and only have limited Internet on one device in the whole house. How did we do it "in the olden days", i.e a few years ago.  Thankfully we are with Internode who have great customer service, going through all the checks at our end and theirs and giving the phone company a kick up the butt after no action for a week. Internode always ring after, to make sure everything's working, who does that these days?  All good now and too much quota to waste time with now. 

Have started too many projects in the past two three weeks to be good for me. Some off-line time has been great to get a few of the want-to-do projects started, whether they get finished is another thing though. Have been wanting to make a round cushion like the one from the Granny Chic girls for a long time now. Something largish to sit on the floor in front of the fire.

Made from what I already had, insert as well, just kind of let it plan itself. Cat likes it, despite it's pudding-like appearance. Haven't decided if I like the fabric yet??? 

 Also made a few scatter (throw on the floor) cushions for the bedroom. Had to see if I could make that round cushion work better. Years ago Mum found a white vintage sheet with a lace edge in an op-shop for us. It was used for years as a top sheet (being double sized) and I had never noticed that someone had folded the lace and sewn it over itself until it started to come unstitched, revealing a 30cm panel of cotton lace which was damaged in parts.  Deep breath and chop. Vintage sheets and some purple striped fabric from the late 60's (Mum's). Envelope opening from the front for a change.

Fabric flowers were the same kind from this and this project(s) back here. Thought I had included how to make them, must have forgotten.

 Found this pic from then that kind of shows how-to. Take squares of fabric (I think I used a 2 inch) and fold wrong sides together to make a triangle. Sew a running thread along the cut edges and pull to gather and stitch closed. The thinner the fabric, the smaller the centre hole will be. Cover with a button or another flower from a 1 inch square.

Think we might be in danger of over-cushioning, as I also made this one for the lounge. Made from an opped serviette and doiley and old fabric from Mum's stash. Daughter said "Errrrrrr Mum, why do you have to use old granny fabric?

I've started tackling this embarrassing recipe file. Considering I enjoy cooking (dinner not included), I have no plausible excuses as to how I've allowed my faithful collection of recipes to fall into such a state of grossness. Winter is my favourite time of year to try new recipes, which means I've been seeing more of this tattered, stained, petri dish specimen than I care to and am thinking if I show, it may motivate me to produce an "after".

Other projects that have faltered include something with vintage hankies (going on for about a year now), mini makeover and the beginnings of a wall arrangement (bain of my decorating) for a wall that has bugged me since moving back into our home.


Mr CH has had a lurgy all to himself for a few days, but before then we worked out our homemade fretwork/decorative trim panel for the opening between the lounge and dining rooms over at the Reno cottage. Will show more on that another time.

 All the skirting except one piece has been nailed in.

 The join above the front door covered up well enough.

 These are our basic skirting boards for the veranda, dressed pine which Mr CH routed a curved edge along the top side. They've been painted and are waiting for the veranda floor to be varnished.

The cover strips to hide all the joins have been cut/fitted/cut and will be fitted for good once the windows are permanently installed. Always waiting for something else to be finished. A giant jigsaw puzzle.

Saw this poor Black Shouldered Kite this week. Was just sitting there keeping an eye out for breakfast when little birds started pestering it, it had eight birds swooping and squawking to make it fly away.

reminded me of the pixar short film, that was on one of our kid movie disks.
" For the Birds " Never fails to make us laugh. Enjoy!

'tis Friday, yay. I've got some blog catching up to do.
 Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Hi Simmone...loved the birds, it's a great little clip!I also love all your cushions and the 'granny' fabric you've used too! Happy weekend.

  2. Gosh you have been busy. Loving all your cushiony efforts. That round pillow was the first project I had chosen from granny chic too but it is packed up somewhere for the next few months. And that house next door is looking spectacular. You do realize it is going to be way to nice to actually rent out to any riff raff don't you? mel x

  3. thank you for your recent kind words on the blog xxx


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