Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY decorative fretwork panel - part 2

It's taken me ages and plenty of erasing to finally settle on a scroll-y shape I liked. Had to make sure the shape fit the offcuts of pine we had left for the job (from the kitchen benches). Fretwork traditionally being such an individual handmade thing by the carpenter or home owner at the time, so I guess we are just adding our bit to the old house.

Mr CH cut out the scrolls using the scroll saw (our third), he's had plenty of practice.

Oil coat and two top coats later and they're ready to go.

The side uprights were nail gunned into place first and then our decorative panel slid inside them and was nailed in.

A bit of punching awkward diagonal nailing across the join as our nails were a bit short.

Delicate trimming.

The boss holds the scroll in place while the lackey snaps a photo, then runs back to lift the nail gun up.

A slightly gloomy rainy day photo, but you get the idea. Nail holes puttied, yet to be painted, we won't be bogging every join with gap filler, no point in these houses, everything moves too much and the joins are neat enough.
Very happy to finally see the little idea realised.
 Would be lovely at Christmas with fairy lights and greenery and a few baubles, dang, now we need one over at our place.
Cost- two pieces of 42mm dressed pine @ approx. $8 each (didn't use the full lengths though)
, leftover 19mm pine pieces, bit of paint, glue, putty and nails = Less than $20 for the decorative fretwork panel.  


  1. Wow, these look gorgeous and cannot believe you just whipped them up yourselves. Also cannot believe the renters will have one and you don't! Get back home and pop one in there too as it looks amazing. mel x

  2. Looks amazing! I've just found your blog, so am going back through your posts! x

  3. You two are too clever!!! Looks great

  4. What a beautiful difference that makes to the doorway! Great job guys!

  5. Wow, you guys are doing a wonderful job of restoring the cottages.


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