Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY decorative fretwork panel - part 1

When we cut the new opening between the lounge/dining rooms we had always planned adding a simple decorative divider between the rooms. Nothing too fancy or large, just a little something special, keeping with the humble style of the cottage. Thought I would show how we made it. We used these bits of dowel from an old child's playpen, plus the recycled chair spindles found in the rubbish under the Reno cottage that I talked about back here.

Pieces of 42mm dressed pine were drilled, one end of the uprights scalloped with the scroll saw (or use a jigsaw) and painted.

A dribble of  PVA glue put in each hole.

Two man job, no glue on the other side.

Use something, (preferably a ruler) to make sure both ends are the same distance apart.

Allow to dry overnight.
 Back with the finished panel next time.


  1. That looks really really great especially with the recycled chair spindles. Hope you are enjoying the school holidays, ours are about to begin. T x

  2. Good job recycling the playpen and chair spindles. Looks wonderful. x

  3. I had a chuckle to myself when I read this - I borrowed a wooden playpen recently thinking I could contain the baby while I did the chores. The bugger just picked the whole contraption up and walked around the house with it. It quickly became obvious that unless it was bolted to the floor, it was totally useless. I was wondering if there was another use for it! xx


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