Friday, May 10, 2013

Just about a window...

Or should the title be "how many irrelevant photos can I fit in one post about nothing". A singular mood, trying to get out of jobs, can you tell. Sat in bed this morning taking "shadow shots", some pics of the back of the cat's head because she wouldn't oblige and admiring finally finished and installed windows as the sun rose and flooded the room with light. I had to move the bed so we could access the windows easily and we've never looked from this position. Change of view is nice, but looking forward to moving back under the window.

The before was pretty disgusting, I hadn't cleaned much as the paint just pulled off as well, luckily hidden behind the fly screen and curtains.

Mr CH didn't need an excuse to buy himself a new toy - an impact driver ($99 Ryobi without the battery and charger) to remove the flat head nails that had been painted in place. I spent a few hours with a chisel and turps dipped rag, scrubbing someone else's glass painting efforts off. Last resort fine steel wool.
 History of colour
As you can guess, these windows weren't original to the house. Pretty casement windows such as these were made in the 1930's-60's. These windows replaced the probably weather damaged sash windows on our north side, decades ago. More old-time recycling.
There was a bit of gluing, clamping and bogging in a attempt to save a very old window sill.

I decided from the start that I was going to re-use the hinges, stays and catch as there was nothing wrong with them and that was $60-$70+ I would rather spend on something else. No one sees this hardware except me, opening and shutting the window, and this doesn't bother me.  They were given a scrub with fine steel wool. I broke the lock, so a dig in the goody-box found another brass one (removed from something else around here) a bit shiny but does the job.

There is nothing like pulling windows out in the second month of Autumn as motivation to finish the job. Two weeks out for the re-putty to "skin", the night were getting a bit chilly and the cat was trying to crawl under the covers.
Now I'll happily clean those windows.

So while I'm not joining in with Kylie and Donna's Retro and Vintage Home Styling linky party (too chicken), I think fresh flowers (swiped from Mum) do make a room a little more loved.
Happy anniversary Mr CH, I think this is the first time we've ever remember before the day.


  1. Loving the match with the flowers and the rose coloured glass...enjoy your Mother's Day!

  2. Ooh, I love your windows and how fab do they look after the fix up. Our windows are one of my favourite features of our home too. You must definitely join in with the linky. The lamp and and flower print photo alone is just stunning!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!and enjoy Mothers Day tomorrow to :) Tam x

  3. Hi Simmone!! What a stunning window - so pretty when the light is coming through like in those first few shots! About the link in - You have one of the most beautiful vintage filled homes going around! So much pastel goodness. I love to look through your home pics on Flickr and from the post I did of your photographs a while back. Plus you take really great, gorgeous photographs - something I have never been able to master.
    I will sit by the add link button and wait.... : )

  4. Donna is right! You are the Queen of Pastels! :)

  5. Such a pretty room, well worth all the hard work you put into it, Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's day for today.

  6. The window looks great. all that hard work is worth it.
    and pink flowers in a milk glass vase: just perfect.

  7. Hi Simmone,

    What a gorgeous cottage you have there! Love all of your vintage pieces and your windows came up a treat.

    Mel x

    ps Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :-)

  8. I love the windows they are gorgeous ! And that you have kept the original hardware - you have inspired me to do same :) the pics are fab too !!! Happy anniversary :)


  9. You've done such a fabulous job on those windows Siimmone. I just love that rose glass. Most of our old window fittings were too far gone to reuse (bent, broken, missing etc) but I so wish they were in better condition to keep them. The new brass ones we have don't have the same charm... xx

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  11. Windows are so fiddly but look so good when they are finished properly. Milk glass, pie crust edged vintage mirrors and daisies, no better combo really. mel x

  12. With the sun streaming in, those windows look lovely. We have very old stained glass sash windows in some rooms that we just can't open but one day we will get in and fix them, not this time of year though. Your post gives me hope.

  13. You did a fantastic job with those windows I have a couple in my bathroom that need some work they look almost exactly like yours, the only original left in the house sadly and they've been waiting a while to be fixed I'm sure it will happen one day :)

  14. love the window upgrade and all the little peeks into your home decor. The cool painted colours (i spelled it with a "u" just for you) on the walls and the vintage items on your painted antiques are so soothing and inviting. Mr.MS and me rarely remember our anniversary either!

  15. Almost every home improvement project goes through a nasty process. The last time I replaced a window, I even cut my arm. But so much about me! Whose idea was this style, anyway? It doesn't even need a curtain; it's beautiful on its own.


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