Friday, May 10, 2013

Finished floors and skirting boards.

Green room-bed1

Now with the floors finally finished, the new skirting boards I've painted, are being installed by Mr CH piece by piece. Economy (and common sense) has the longest wall pieces cut first, using shorts for in between the studs.
Blue room-bed2


Lounge to dining

We are a little disappointed we didn't get this stain out because it's at the front door. Once there is furniture in the room it may not be too noticeable.

We have used higher skirting (145mm approx) for the main rooms (to hide the white ant damage/shower rot) and lower (97mm approx) for the bedrooms. Plus we love high skirting boards, not cheap though at around $9.60 /metre, pre-primed.

The long awaited trims are being installed around the doorways and the opening between the lounge and dining. This has been an important milestone for us, finally the crappy, dirty jobs you think will never end have been done and it's time to add some details.

The first part of the new opening between the lounge and dining rooms. Working out what trim goes where, with slightly crooked walls to deal with. We are going to add a bit of simple homemade fretwork etc. as, apart from the front windows, there are no fancy bits in the whole cottage, being a Worker's Cottage at that. To offset or not to offset, that is the question?

Offset won.
The colonial trims are set back 5mm to give added dimension. 

Now guess who's job it is to fill those nail holes?
 Was going to show a bit more, too tired, next time.
 Have a lovely weekend and Mother's Day.


  1. Wow, WHAT a transformation. The colour is lovely on the walls too. Your floors have come up so well. You will be sweeping and admiring them for many years!

  2. The floors have been well and truly transformed. The skirting boards dress the rooms up beautifully and show off the wall colours to perfection as well. They are going to be very pretty rooms to live in!

  3. Wow - amazing!! Love the floors and walls.

  4. Your floorboards are STUNNING! So lovely and gorgeous wood. I love the warmth floorboards bring to a room x

  5. When choosing wooden skirtings, it is important to ensure that the boards are manufactured from quality wood. Some skirting boards are high and elaborate for the more traditional décor, while others are slick, simple with a low profile for a more contemporary look.

  6. Skirt boards also keep dust and dirt from gathering in these gaps, which makes it easier to keep the stairs clean. In some instances, the skirting board gives the staircase added strength and support, helping it to maintain its shape.


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