Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another post about floors.

Days have been spent on hands and knees sanding with squares of fine (320 grit (didn't check) sandpaper, removing the rough, hairy bits that come after the first coat of varnish dries. The vacuuming and wiping have been done meticulously. Mr CH has applied an "after hours" coat of varnish and apart from the ugly water stains, the floor is coming up well.


 I'm so glad we use the low sheen satin estapol, nice as they look, shinny floors probably would look too posh in this humble cottage.

Dry 2nd coat

Still a slight raise in the floor (where we moved the wall) if you know what you're looking for.

We He did a whoopsy and missed it on the final sand over. A wobble with the sander and what we call a "divot". This is what you pay the professionals to avoid, as, even when you think the floor is perfectly sanded everywhere. You don't always see a "divot" until the first coat of varnish dries, and then it's too late. The doorways are the trickiest and why, when we sand, we never start in the middle of the floor or in a spot where the light falls.

One more coat to go, which has already been done. Just me a rather slack blogger. I've been painting those bedroom windows that I mentioned two years ago, eeek!


  1. Oh, they look beautiful, pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. My kids are going crazy over at an empty Betsy with their ride-ons, last chance with the old cruddy floors! mel x

  2. Wow its so glossy, well done guys it looks really grand ! The grain and colours in the timbers are beautiful... boy what a lot of hard work' you must be chuffed :)


  3. All those divots, stains and imperfections give it character. Well done! xx

  4. I agree with Caroline, imperfections are character. You guys have done a great job! xo

  5. I like imperfections too, and let's face it Simmone, timber floors don't remain perfect anyway unless you tip-toe around them in socks (or bare feet!). Ilove all the different colours in the timber, what are they? Jarrah? Or is that just a W.A. thing?

  6. When the furniture and rugs are in, nobody will notice any fact they just add character to the room as a whole. The floors are a lovely range of colour and will give the room a lovely warmth.

  7. You just reminded me why, when we do sell our house, we are going to carpet the ugly floors we have left!
    Its a an intense labor of love that is too tedious, too time consuming, too hard on my aging body, to let anyone else enjoy but ourselves.
    Yours look great!

  8. The floors are looking gorgeous and makes me want to hurry up and do my own! Looks like we have exactly the same timber too. Your T&G walls are looking gorgeous too xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  9. Oh they look great, and the low sheen looks very classic. Well done - be proud :-)


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