Monday, April 29, 2013

Reno cottage - varnishing the floors.

I think the Reno cottage is as dust free as it's going to get. It been brushed, wiped and vacuumed within an inch of our lives. Thankfully we didn't have to punch and fill nail holes as the floor had already been varnished. Someone else must have done a good job as there was still filler in nearly all of the holes, even after a few passes with the sander.

I've heard of floating floors, but floating walls?

Busted with a mini-vac.

We Mr CH started in Bed 1, that magical moment as the first coat goes on and you see the colours (and the stains). We used the same tung oil based estapol (by Wattyl) as previously used here and here.

Mr CH has his own meticulous method of mopping, he likes to soak his mop and then wipe a bit of on the floor away from the wall so he doesn't get varnish pooling against the wall.

He painted half of Bed 1 and then mopped through the doorway to avoid join marks. Lucky there is a second doorway. Not sure how the professionals do it, but this seems to work for us.

Then back through to finish Bed 1 and carry on through Bed 2 and lastly the lounge.

Baby almost mopped himself into a corner.

And then, when you stand back to admire your handy work, a colony of ants strolls out onto your wet varnish and dies! Lucky it only the first coat.
One coat down, two to go!
As we are still using the enclosed veranda for our workshop the floors won't be done just yet. They'll be varnished nearer to completion of the whole house, whenever that will be. It's starting to drag on a bit and the aim is to finish soon, weather permitting.

Can't believe it has been over a week since the last blog post, is it just me, or are the weeks flying past for everyone?  Have a lovely week.


  1. The floors look beautiful, and only you will know how much work it took to get them looking like that! x

  2. It looks fab !!! now can you come and do our :) ???

    weather dreary but i think with winter on its way it will be a good time for your reno's...

    its been a couple of weeks since i blogged but i have been absolutely snowed with exams and assignments, im looking forward to end of semester (soon) when i can do more renovating and lots of blogging too !!! yes the weeks are flying by...


  3. I can't believe those ants! The floors look wonderful. That's a clever idea to keep half the doorway free at a time too.

  4. It looks great, even with just one coat so far - Jen.

  5. Wow, great colours in the wood, looks fantastic!!

  6. Weeks are indeed flying by! Floors look great! Damn those ants!!
    Nobody mops baby into the corner.

  7. Varnish worked like miracle on that floor. I’m really interested in renovation/home decor because I work for a social media site that’s all about houses/homes in AU In fact, we are about to release an online renovation tool soon. You might be interested in trying something like this.


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