Thursday, April 18, 2013

If that was the holidays....

..then we've had them. A better late than never post.
For the first holidays in years, we didn't make it to the beach at all. The constant rain kept us at home, working on the Reno cottage and doing odd jobs. But desperation at having an almost non existent wood pile heading into winter, had us heading out to the farm on the first dry day available for a load of firewood. We said hello to some of the new babies.

 Made Mum a red velvet cake (birthday cake), which we helped eat.

Cleared a fallen tree for our firewood and filled the damp dell with the sound of chainsaws and laughter at no. 2 stepping in cow poo, not once but five times. Brothers and sisters can be merciless. Saw three scorpions, yuk.

Jumped the creek, climbed the tractor, spotted magic growing, saw an eel trying to slide over the rocks, grossed-out at South African python skins, played on a "found" go-cart and wore the dog and ourselves out.

Long forgotten board games got a work-out, with all that rainy weather.

No. 2 son had a birthday and got a little surfer dude cake, duckie-diving of course. I should have made the wave a lot bigger, worth ducking under. Looks pathetic, the kind you'd cop in the face instead. Was a little disappointed with this cake, should have added lots of lollies or something.

Made a new batch of biscuits I haven't tried before, milo biscuits. Mr CH thinks I need to make another batch or two, just to make sure I got the recipe right.

After a dry spell, I found two more vintage coat hangers, how ridiculous the joy at finding something so mundane. I think that now makes a dozen, with most of them pink, blue or green, so it's nice to get some yellow/ orange.  A cheery orange pillowcase, and these little plaster doggies. Battered and still looking cute, these were prizes given away at side show alleys back in the 50's.

Finding it hard to believe the first week back to school is over already and that I have spent it washing and folding a Mount Everest pile of clothes etc. mopping floors, baking, mowing and repairing the vege patch that washed down the hill in downpours.

Leaving you with pics of the pretty flowers coming out now, mostly salvias. What the rain didn't drown, is now flowering madly. Aren't these Autumn days gorgeous! Back next time with a reno catch-up.
Have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Kids look like they had a great holiday, we skipped the beach too. Much too much to do here really , lovely photos this post , love your finds too. mel x

  2. Beautiful flowers and cakeS! Nothing wrong with that surfer cake Simmone. You are a harsh critic - I think it's awesome. You are a cake decorator extraordinaire in my opinion.
    Has the Mr got shoes on in that first pic? It would be funnier if he stood in cow poop!
    This has just popped into my head so I'm going to share it with you...when I was in Grade 7, our class went on a school camp. One of the stops was a dairy farm. Our teacher, a Nun (whose name escapes me - I'll remeber it when I publish this!) stuck her head (still wore veils in those days) too near a cow's bum (why? I can't remember) and the cow pooped all over her lovely white habit. Now that WAS funny. I nearly wet myself laughing (and got in trouble for it) THE END.

  3. The holidays seemed to just fly by here too and we've already finished our first week back of term 2 already. I think your birthday cakes look fantastic and even if that wave isn't huge it still looks like a pretty cool wave to me. Hope your weekend is a good one:)

  4. Those birthday cakes are fabulous..I wish you'd share the recipe for the Red Velvet. I've wanted to make one of those for ages but haven't known whether the online recipes I've looked at are tasty.

  5. Oh you had a lovely holiday! Love the plasticware hangers and your Surfer cake. I can relate to the Nerf Darts on the ceiling. My 3 boys are now men, youngest being 18, but because they earn money now, 2 of them went out last Christmas and bought the biggest Nerf Guns their money could buy - thought we were past that - Boys! (tut haven't touched them since though lol)

  6. Great pictures. I love the old tractor and mushroom one in the mosaic of pics you took. Going back to school in April is still so bizarre to me. The big girls are in the middle of their state tests right now, and then it is home stretch till Summer vacation. So sorry you had a rainy holiday,- kids at home + lots of rain = frustation and a constantly messy house I know. Your cakes are a thing of wonder, as usual. I especially loved the delicate feminine look of your Mum's cake. You took a great pic of it too.


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