Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cake, Easter, bugs and flowers.

Daughter one and only, had her birthday on Good Friday. A simple flower cake with a few homemade fondant flowers, sprinkles and a couple of fake ladybugs for good measure. I broke the butterfly while decorating so it got plonked at the bottom instead of on top. Strawberry and vanilla cakes inside. The first of four birthdays in three weeks.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter with your family. I was a mean mum this year, not buying any Easter eggs or rabbits, not even a single candy egg (always a must have). This year I let my mob indulge in block chocolate and tins of stick wafers instead.  Sick of being ripped off to the tune of $7 for 150grams of chocolate. After years of buying for four kids, it adds up. The kids didn't mind at all, they still had chocolate for breakfast, morning tea and lunch!

After months of rain, our dahlias are flowering their heads off, six pretty colours and the grasshoppers are enjoying them as well.

I've finally grown some Dietes from seed, thanks to this coir block. You cut off a bit and soak it in water and it swells. I filled seedling trays and popped in seeds and the germination rate has been much better than using the seed raising mix.

These are the pretty colours greeting me from the kitchen window in the mornings, orange Tulip tree, purple Tibochina and golden tea tree, plus that beautiful blue sky (with a little moon).

Have a lovely week, albeit full of school holiday chaos.

Happy Birthday Mum!


  1. That's an impressive cake. Pink and green is a pretty combination.
    You have a lovely kitchen view there.

  2. Happy Birthday! Lovely cake (and I take it there are more to come.) Did you get the inspiration from the dahlias in your garden? Your flowers (and flowering trees) are fabulous. xx

  3. A beautiful cake for a grown up girl. You are v. progressive with the no chocolate eggs approach to Easter, I'm going to start warming mine up for that next year.

  4. Is there nothing you can't do Simmone! Your daughter's cake is beautiful - a perfect easter bonnet! Your one and only girl looks alot like her pretty Mum I reckon.

    On Easter eggs, mine received just one each. I'd prepared them for the shock, and surprisingly they were fine with it. When we were kids chocolate was a special treat, these days they eat it all the time anyway.

    I remember those beautiful candy eggs you mention, from my childhood - with the pretty icing flowers in gorgeous pastely colours. I'd try to break the flowers off and suck them slowly, one by one.

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter. That cake looks so fun! The view out your window is gorgeous!!!

  6. Love the cake, so pretty! I was a mean mum too, this year. My kids are grown up but nevertheless each year we have still bought eggs etc. This year we did the same as you did, a stack of chocolate bars were put on the table and a small bowl of tiny eggs. They could choose their favourite flavour choc bar each. I also left an Easter greeting and left paper and felt pens so they could write and draw their own greeting for the rest of the family. This was very successful and it amazed me how and what they drew and it was a lot of fun.

  7. That cake is awesome! My girls would not know what to do if my cakes ever remotely looked that good. But every year, four times a year i resist the urge to "buy" and mine always taste great. And don't even get me started on store bought frosting/icing instead of home-made!
    The orange and purple trees are spectacular! What a view.

  8. The cake is just gorgeous Simmon and looks truly delicious! A big happy Birthday to your daughter too. Our kids grumbled that they didn't get as many eggs this year and there was no egg hunt..hehe. As we grew older mum and dad always gave us a block of chocolate instead, its way better value for money. Hoe you had a wonderful break....we still have a little over a week left before school hols. Tam x

  9. That cake is amazing! My kids got two eggs each this year. No more excessive Easters for us anymore. Sick of spending ridiculous amounts on chocolate, when most of if sits uneaten in the fridge for the rest of the year. They ate it for breakfast and afternoon tea. Took them to the beach to run the choc buzz off. They were happy as! xo

  10. Fabulous cake, wishing all of your's a Happy Birthday - Jen :-)

  11. Wow Simmone you make the BEST looking cakes! I still remember your awesome cakes from a post you did last year. What I wouldn't give for a slice of your daughters cake with my cuppa! It reminds me of cake in the film Pollyanna - when she is at the fair and gets a slice of cake so big she can barely hold it. YUM! Have a great weekend.x

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  13. Gorgeous cake.

    I know what you mean about Easter, I hate the amount and cost of cheap horrid chocolate that hangs around the house this time of year. I used to get the lovely candy eggs when I was young and I remember having a chocolate egg making kit that I loved. I used to make eggs for everyone - golden rough ones were my fave.


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