Friday, March 1, 2013

Rain and veranda windows.

Unfortunately rain and renovating don't mix. While not complaining about finally getting enough rain to break the dry spell, having windows out (and in and out!) has been annoying lately. But how pretty the veranda looks enveloped in a rainy mist. Can't say it's unpleasant working over there on rainy days either.

 Lining the wall with sarking underneath the veranda windows has been started.

The large gaps between the weatherboards are getting filled with a gap-filler and some leftover insulation is also stapled in the wall cavity.
As the veranda is half windows, a bit of insulation here will probably not make much difference, mainly to stop cold winter breezes getting in through the gaps.

The railing to slide the middle window along has been nailed in place on the end side only so far. Will show how, down the track as I forgot to take pics while Mr CH did that.

The front windows are temporarily held in place with the (as yet) unpainted board at the top and a few nails to prevent them moving.

The windows are in fact just wedged back against the slope of the front window sill and will be nailed in place. Which has been enough to hold them in, all these years. Nice and simple and it works.

So looking forward to these windows being installed (for good) on the veranda, will free up lots of space. Still waiting on a final piece of mulberry glass. Seems the glass place is reluctant to order in a sheet for the one small piece we need. Will see how we go.
Mr CH has been fiddling with my html and trying somewhat unsuccessfully to teach me how to. After some new blog improvements (to me) I think I've finally learnt the gist of this linky thing (after 100 copy and pastes) and I think I now know where that rogue line break is. Hopefully it's more reader friendly now.
What the HTML!!!
Have a great weekend!
(still raining here) 


  1. The stained glass is so pretty. Hoping the rain eases off for you very soon. Happy weekending lovely! xo

  2. I love your windows Simmone, they are so pretty. They are going to be prefect when they are all installed. We have a few, yellow, pink and clear. They are my favourite feature of the house. Tam x

  3. The blog looks great. I like the wider format. And those windows are just superb...the ambery yellow glass we have here is not nearly as nice as the rose and green. Very pretty. xx

  4. All I can see is those beautiful windows. I'm thinking of having some made just like that for our front door side lights since mine got smashed :( The pink and green combo is just lovely.

  5. Love your blog, we are also renovating a weatherboard in WA, so many of your pics looks like they could be round ours!

  6. Those windows are so nice. What an amazing improvement. I feel your computer frustration.


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