Friday, February 1, 2013

Pixlr-o-matic - how to add cool photo effects...

Effect - none, Overlay - morning, Border - sand

Effect - aladin, Overlay - scratches, Border - dirt

Effect -anne, Overlay - dusty, Border - round

Effect - none, Overlay - maid, Border - twirl
(borrowed this pic from no.2 son)
Do you like my before and after sample pics from our old photos?
 Stumbled across Pixlr's PIXLR-O-MATIC, a nice simple application to add patterns and borders to photos with a slide of the filmstrip and a few clicks. From over 600 effects, you can add retro, grunge, firework, light glint overlays and floral, filmstrip or torn paper borders to your photos. Like a blend of Instagram and Photoshop actions. Having become addicted to Picmonkey (thanks Mel aka. Bungalowgirl), here's another time waster that even has a mobile app to download. Mr CH wanted me to do a video (noooooo) he thinks I need lots of practice with this whole techno computing stuff. So here's my amateur run down to give you a basic idea. Had to learn screen saving and arrow adding for this one, pathetic I know.
You can download this to your desktop or use on line, there are also "efficient" and "advanced" options as well. This is the "playful"option, ha.

I used Pixlr's lighthouse/bridge pic for this sample.

The first filmstrip (of three) is where you can change the EFFECT -light, colour, intensity etc. by sliding the filmstrip through the square.When you are happy with your selection press the arrow button bottom right of screen....

Which brings you to the OVERLAY filmstrip, same as before choose the OVERLAY and press the arrow button...

Which brings you to last filmstrip BORDERS, same again... The save button is for last, when you are finally happy and want to save your pic to your computer.
 If you click on the MORE button at the end of each filmstrip, you go to this page below...

Where you select a BUTTON....

Which brings you to all the available OVERLAYS in this case. Click on the stack to open individual OVERLAYS...

By clicking on each pic, a filmstrip appears in the corner. When you have clicked all the EFFECTS, OVERLAYS, or BORDERS you want to try, click the OK button and these will be added to your main filmstrip (on the EFFECT, OVERLAY or BORDER strip). To remove them, click off the mini filmstrip and press OK. Back arrow just takes you back to the BUTTON page.
It does get a little tedious scrolling backwards and forwards if you have too many choices on your filmstrip, so you would probably keep just a few favourites. Which is really hard, because I want to use them all!
Think this would be great if you like printing out photos (on plain paper) to frame as art on your walls or to make cards etc. for family and friends.
Have fun.


  1. Ooh, looks like fun! Thanks for the link.

    I hope you guys have been o.k, have been watching the news. The beach foam is just amazing, but I wouldn't like to be amongst it.

  2. Crazy house you did it again!
    I followed your link on a whim thinking: A> it would be complicated and annoying and B> it cost money.
    I love it!! It was neither. I could not believe it after I did some cool effects on a self photo that it was all saved on my computer! I was very confused for at least a minute, scared to leave the page thinking it would go away. Remember that check floor from my sewing room turn kitty litter room? Well its all done. Looks fantastic. I basically boxed up 80% of my sewing stuff. Even went so far as to put my sewing machine on a SIDE TABLE unplugged, instead of front and center on my main old craft table. Its now my writing and photo studio...and Mr. Bo is obliged to do his business elsewhere. I am going to a girls craft over night in March with the intention of bringing photos for me to make into mixed media art. That is why this pixlr-o-matic is Perfect. Thanks for the suggestion again. We are getting snowed in this weekend {snowing like a bugger right now}, so I will have plenty of time to update my blog finally. Sorry for the long arse comment. Just kinda giddy.

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