Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oppy finds, projects and Canon error 99.

Just a few lovelies found at the op-shops in recent weeks. I overheard someone lamenting on how slim their oppy pickings had been lately and wondered at some empty shelves. Do people not donate as much as they used to, preferring to try their hand at raising cash on ebay or the like? How have your shops been lately?
 Found a cute basket for crafty clutter, a crocheted face washer (new) and a vintage pot holder that was very badly stained, but came up lovely after a good soak in vanish.

I was quite happy to find a Pyrex pie plate (8inch) in blue for $2.50, though I think it looks a bit out of place with all that orange/yellow/brown?

 Also a tile trivet, though I just want the tile only for a project way down the track.

Found these lid-less dishes on different days $4 for the two, love the pattern. I like to use these in the microwave as I don't buy the plastic cooking ware.

Found a small piece of pink "gooseberry" Pyrex for $1.50 and a square gingham tablecloth...

and metres and metres of barkcloth for $5 that was sewn into a large tablecloth with a bit of trim around the edges. Wondering if it would be too pink to recover the old 70's TV chair and would the males in the house resist?

After spending January posting about checkerboard floors, other projects are sitting in the pile of photos. The Reno cottage door was painted on the holidays and has been undercoated and given one coat of white while I try to decide what colour or not to paint it. White door with white walls? or trim/panels? in oxblood? green? The front veranda doors are oxblood, but I wonder how clean a white door would stay. Opens up against a light brown wall.

This is the inside side now.

 All veranda windows are undercoated, puttied, cured, putty undercoated and painted white...

... and going in and out a few times to be fitted. The middle window is the only moving window which slides on the steel rails, more on that another time. Feels very strange as a few windows start closing in the veranda after a few years open.

Imagine walking in on Hubby surrounded by the innards of a $900 (at the time) 17-35mm camera lens! He told me he wanted to have a go at repairing the lens himself, but...!
This was the second time apart, the first was to find the broken piece.

Error 99 kept flashing up on the screen when this lens was on the camera and it wouldn't allow you to take the pic. So he bought another  camera body (for me) to see if the camera was the problem, which it wasn't. There are people who fix this problem other than Cannon, but they usually want you to send the camera away as well, which is like asking which hand can you live without for a few weeks/months. Also there is no guarantee they can fix the problem or refund your $80+ deposit. So you "Google it" and work out you need a  "shutter flex cable" which you can buy online for $20 something dollars postage included.

Then you watch a few youtube videos on how to do it, take photos of bits you can't see and use the zoom as a magnifying glass, install the new part, put it all back together and then find out something is wrong with the auto focus. But a very happy wife won't let you have it back to pull it apart again. Who needs auto focus anyway! Yay, how nice it is to have his and hers cameras again.
DIY geek.

Before checkerboard floors, the long awaited shed was started. A bit of child labour was involved, though not nearly enough according to Mr CH.

A nice pile of hardwood was milled at a small family run business and delivered.

Addressing the jumbled mess that is the back fence, was also started on the holidays. Only because the posts and rails were on sale and we already had some left over palings. Over the years, fence boundaries have edged-out closer to the road and adjoining fences have been replaced to the same line, when the buildings next-door went in years ago, they had to build a retaining wall and our corner (of the wall) was built facing inward as the boundaries were too far out. This meant we needed to adjust the fence line between our bottom neighbour and top neighbour (which is still way out).


 A few weeks later in it's partly constructed state, just ran out of palings. Took the photo just now, it's been raining on and off today and it's all so green outside. The honeysuckle (from an old family plant) has been draped over the fence and it is now on the outside. Amazing what a few hundred mls of rain can do.
One panel almost done and the fence is started at least. One of those jobs to be completed as time, energy (mainly the energy) and funds permit. Yay, progress albeit partial!

Have a great week!


  1. Gorgeous finds from the oppy Simmone, and thanks for more bare footed 'porn'! Love it! Ha-ha!

  2. Your op shop finds are amazing. I love all of the pyrex. I have'nt found anything amazing in ages apart from some retro pillowcases that were still in their original packaging. I'm drooling over that cupboard full of pyrex. xo

  3. Can I firstly say that your hubby is a complete legend with his handy abilities. He is a keeper! Secondly, not so many finds here either but I am also deliberately not looking as much. Love your pyrex pie dish and I have a picture of a stack of pyrex pie dishes just like that on my inspiration board! mel x

  4. Having issues leaving a comment. The first one was long and full of really funny observations that I am too tired to recall and type again. Will repeat that, isn't is awesome being married to a man that can fix things? I have kissed Tim hard on the mouth more than once saying " i am so glad you can fix stuff" I don't know what its like in Aussie but here in the States men fixing things, or even attempting is a dying art. Tell Mr.CH great job. Google and utube are awesome, the ultimate diy geek guide. Love the oppy finds, and yes there are much slimmer pickings...been trying to find cereal bowls! Cereal bowls really! Thanks for the compliments on the floor. I love, love my new room.


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