Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mirror makeover - part 2.

After the glue on the mirror frame dried, the frame was sanded and undercoated (which I forgot to photograph).
I used some ? blue from a sample pot I already had and mixed in gloss white until I was happy with the colour. Then painted the whole frame, blending some green and white strokes as I went along.

Has taken a few weeks to muster up enough enthusiasm to finish sticking all the shells on. I used the Super grip glue again, though any kind of liquid nails would do. I gave the shells a rough brush-over with some left over floor varnish to gloss up some of the dull shells. As all of the shells used were found at the beach, they were washed, scubbed and dried before being used,to remove the salty coating.

I think daughter was pretty happy with how it turned out and even though these shell mirrors have been done to death in the past, it's new to her (genY). And it is probably the mirror I dreamed of as a teen emersed in the beach lifestyle, adding freckles and listening to the Beach Boys, Midnight Oil, Ganggajang etc.

 We decided to give this little cupboard a matching makeover at the same time. It has been sitting in the junk  store 5th bedroom with nowhere to go and therefore couldn't get a much needed makeover. We thought daughter could use it for something?
It was sanded to rough up the varnish, undercoated and given two coats of Vivid White.

The door was painted the same mixed-up blue as the mirror with a bit of green and white brushed on.


As the mirror is quite heavy, it will need two screws in the wall to hang safely. Ideally we should have attached the hanging chain before sticking all the shells on!
Mr CH measured in from the side and down from the top to find the spot to attach the hanger to. If you don't want the top of your mirror (or picture) to hang out away from the wall, you would need to attach the chain near to the top of the frame.

Pre-drilling the holes.
 Don't you love those drills with the little light on them?

The chain was a bit found in the left-over goodie box and we used about 1/2 a metre and last time we bought it from the hardware shop it was a few dollars a metre.

 Never underestimate an ugly piece of furniture.

Hope you haven't been flooded out, we've had some local flash flooding after almost 150mm yesterday. So I am keeping busy white-washing a few small pieces of furniture for my MIL.
Stay dry!



  1. You've done a great job Simmone. On the mirror and the little cupboard. I wanted a shell mirror when I was a kid (my cousin had one). You know what they say about "what goes around..."
    I hope you stay dry (it's as dry as a bone here)x

  2. Hi, Love your makeovers. I have a few pieces I want to get stuck into, but it's a bit too hard to do in a unit (I need a yard.) Sounds like you're making the most of the wet week ahead. xx

  3. It is really gorgeous Simmone and the matching cupboard! My favourite shells are the fan shells, I always get so excited if I find one. Ganggajang, now that's a blast from the past. Hope you guys are o.k., not had a drop of rain down here for ages.....Tx

  4. Hi Simmone! Great job on both accounts! I would've loved a mirror and little cupboard like that when I was but a wee lass. : )

  5. Love that blue/green colour. The makeovers looks great! x

  6. Great before and after pieces.
    Yes, sand paper, paint, and varnish will transform the ugliest of furniture.
    My big girl would love something like that for her room.
    Between the entire family having a lingering sickness and this new PC, with a windows 8 operating system I have barely touched the computer. I don't understand windows 8...kinda hate it with a passion. Tim keeps saying "its just like a smart phone" well aint that grand except I have a generic tracphone and can't even open up his smart phone. Few things make me more ticked off then not being able to understand something and being sick. He has not had time to import all my saved stuff...so i can't do anything. My fading memory can recall just a few blog sites so now its just time for some blog catch up.

  7. Hi Simmone..that little cupboard has turned out as pretty as a picture, what a transformation! I love the shell frame too. I grew up putting shells on jars and seeing them made into animals and various gaudy creations until I was heartily sick of them. Your mirror is shellified tastefully and beautifully and I would be proud to hang it in my house...well done! The shells really look lovely.

  8. LOVE that little cupboard!! Exactly what I need for my guest room makeover :)

  9. Fantastic job on the mirror and little cupboard!!!! Love love love the colours <3



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