Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mirror makeover - part 1.

Just a revamp of a mirror for daughter, that we started a few weeks ago at the very end of the holidays. I think she got the mirror from a junk shop with the intent of decorating it. She has been wanting a shell mirror for a few years now and has been collecting plenty of shells. While this mirror wasn't suitable for decorating, MR CH decided to modify what she already had, rather than hunting out another framed mirror. So while I sanded and undercoated the mirror frame, Mr CH got to work cutting and routing a pine frame to embed the mirror into, wide enough to stick lots of shells onto. 

Mitre cutting pine boards and routing a groove along one side of each board.
Checking the mirror fits and that the corners match.
Applying the polyurethane glue and nailgunning the corner to hold in place while the glue dries - 30 minutes. PVA glue would work as well, just needs 24 hrs to dry.

Polyurethane construction adhesive by Sika. Foams up after awhile so you only need a small amount.
 Frame drying, you can see a little bit of glue foaming out of the mitre. Just needs scraping off with a chisel.

Back next time with the painting and decorating.
Wow, where did that weekend go? 

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