Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We've been....


...enjoying the spoils of a totally neglected vege patch. Not as good a crop of cucumbers as last season. Still managed to save at least $50 in cucumbers. Variegated corn was yum. This years grapes are smaller and a lot sweeter, less rain. Bowen mangoes from the tree nextdoor at the Reno cottage, only nine this year saved from the possums and fruit bats. Coriander gone to seed and is drying in a corner downstairs. Mr CH didn't believe me when I said, it smells like stink bugs.

Have enjoyed watching little melons grow. Eating the rockmelons, still waiting for the watermelons. If we can grow them, anyone can.
Enjoying the last of the tasty summer stone fruit, thank goodness because we've eaten too much.
Watching no.3 mix up his batches of slime (Christmas present)

Trying to use up a bunch of ladyfinger bananas we were given in (banana) everything - banana nut cake.

Trying to get back in the baking mode after a few weeks off. Making Mr CH ginger fig oat biscuits as he is back at work. Lots of groaning about that.
Taking our time moving things back into the lounge room, only used by Mr CH and I mostly. Enjoying the brightness before most of our handiwork gets covered by furniture. The floor feels great and surprising to me, hasn't needed a mop yet, just a sweep.

Wondering how, in 35c heat only a Siamese would find the fluffiest warmest blanket to sleep on. Not that everyone who walked past her would let her sleep in peace, she looked so darn comfy.

Trying to find relief from the heat, short early morning beach visits.
Poking the native Blue Blubber Jelly Fish washed up on the beach.

Letting Penny-dog enjoy a beach run. She doesn't like the sand washing away from under her after a wave.

Riding the ripples.

Distracting subject made me forget about a level horizon.

Never turn your back on the ocean.

Had to laugh,  no.3 coming up smiling after being dumped, pockets inside out, face full of sand and Mr CH not wanting to get his shorts wet.

Scoring a lost Frisbee.

Teeny flitting birdies, too fast for a pic.
How's the serenity?


  1. its just so bizarre seeing your pics about melons and corn. January is its usual frigidness around here. We had to run to catch the bus stop today at 0 F, and I thought my lungs would explode (cant remember the Celsius to F. conversion I learned in middle school...just know that its freakin freezin. And its ok you telling me about your heat...I complain just as much in the summer about the humidity as I do in the winter about the cold...yeah I am real fun to be married to! But the beach pics smarted...if only! Football (north American football not that crappy soccer...sorry I would be completely un-amercian if I did not get a soccer jab in there)is off this weekend with the super bowl being next weekend and so its a perfect time for my checkered floor!

  2. with all my sarcastic comments I forgot to add that your photos are looking amazing!
    Cheers again

  3. Nice to see you spending what's left of the holidays having a bit of fun (but I'm sure you've still been busy working in the background!). Lovely photos. xx

  4. I'm hoping to match your wall colour with my tassels, it's lovely! Great pics, lovely family :)

  5. Photos are really good. I hang my head in shame with my over reliance on the iphone camera for my blog! xx

  6. Great pics, love all those shots of veges and also your gang. Your lounge room looks so light and bright with the new floors. Good to hear about the minimal cleaning requirements. mel x

  7. So envious of your garden patch <3

    I would love to grow some veggies too but have been disheartened in the past :(



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