Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Saving old floorboards - part 1

 What better time to fix up your old floorboards than during the longest/hottest school holidays of the year!
We finally started work repairing and saving the old floorboards in the hallway and lounge room. When we bought this house, these rooms had just been re-carpeted in a lovely grey loop pile carpet, to match the grey ceiling, the grey walls and compliment the yellow hallway and brown net curtains. We knew the floorboards were a bit dodgy and we thought we would just re-carpet the rooms eventually. But, tastes change and we pulled up the weary carpet while the house was empty during our few years in the country. The floorboards were left bare (ly) covered by mats, while we were in denial. You know out-of-sight, out-of-mind!

  Damage by borers had resulted in some boards being replaced with ill-fitting hardwood boards by a previous owner. Mr CH had repaired a few boards with those taken from the hole in the corner 
(that's another story)

 The original doorway in this room was in the far corner and was boarded up at some stage, there is evidence of a tacked lino mat on the floor. Part of the changing functions an old house experiences.

The brown paint on the floor is where the bedroom 3 wall once was. This wall was amazingly moved backwards to make the lounge room larger and create an indoor bathroom, out of what was the bedroom. The old ceiling light fixture is still on the bathroom ceiling.

We are not sure, if there was ever an opening here,  maybe just a window. The floorboards in this spot have been wet for many years and the spaces between the tongue and groove floorboards are considerable. Indoor bath pan?

The hardwood boards are coming out and pine boards will be cut to replace them.

 Cutting diagonals to get the board out in smaller pieces as it lies under the arch and was held in tight by the bearers underneath.

Another board in the hallway.

Nail holes punched and filled (more on that next post) and sanded with the orbital. We used a gentle sander to avoid further damage to the soft pine boards.

Mr CH planing a replacement board.

 Getting there!

In spite of precautions, keeping kids out of the bathroom for a whole day was a bit optimistic. So we have plenty of dust (to hide the dust that was already there)

And this is why you don't show your husband a pic of a floor you kinda like!
Who still has video cassettes? I don't even know if we have a machine!
 The dinners are getting a bit random, bacon and egg muffins and noodle take away. I need some veg! Counting the days!

More in part two....


  1. Those wide pine boards are just wonderful aren't they? So is it just a polish or are you doing something fancy? mel x

  2. Yes of course we have doctor dan too but he is no where near as appealing because, well he's a boy! mel x

  3. Yes, you've gotta love the patina of old timber. Thankfully the floorboards in our cottage are one thing that is still in good nic. All that's required is a simple sand and polish. xx

  4. One day that husband of yours is going to lose a toe!

  5. I take my hat off to both of you, working in the dust and heat! Doing up the floors is a big job.


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