Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flood, foam and fury


A few pics taken over the last four days, January 25-28 2013.
  Considering January was set to break the driest record with only 5 mls of rain, the last few days has seen a few hundred mls dumped thanks to ex-cyclone Oswald. We certainly needed it, what hasn't died plant wise, has instantly turned that eerie shade of green. The sea foam was quite spectacular, like watching marshmallow waves hurling over the shoreline, some homes had their garden trees decorated with "snow" and soft clumps floated on air, to thrill the crowds of camera-clickers. Lots of trees down and some awnings as well, so many roads closed.
Hope you are not too battered at your place, after days of horizontal rain, amazing wind gusts and the carnage that has come with it.
Time to wash the towels, stay dry!


  1. It's mad isn't it. Fires one week and then floods and rain the next. January is turning out to be a scary month in Australia!!

  2. Hope you and your home are safe and sound x

  3. Those were some amazing pics you got there.
    The one with herds of people taking pictures as what looks like the OCEAN creeping up the paved road was pretty bizarre looking. We had a real tornado touch down basically in our backyard this Summer and I very unwisely went out to our deck to watch (yeah I don't know either) is was amazing to see. Makes you feel small doesn't it? Which is good for the soul I think. The foam looking like marsh mellows and snow piles sound very cool. FYI: the first phase of my check floor started this weekend! Mr.MS is being a good sport. Blog post will follow. Daughter's birthday party Saturday...I am hoping its done by then.

  4. Stay safe and sound. I hope your home won't be affected by the floods. Crazy weather! xo

  5. All the images that I've seen of that foam are so dramatic. It must have been amazing to see it in person!

  6. Wow great photos of all of that foam. It was a crazy few days wasn't it. I hope things all look normal again where you are. Things are beautiful and green now, lets hope that the wild weather leaves us alone for a few years.


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