Friday, December 14, 2012

Painting veranda ceiling.

But first, the littlest fellow brought home from school this super cute house made out of bickies and lollies. All held together with a generous dab of icing mortar. What a cute end of school idea, each child was asked to bring in a packet of biscuits, wafers, lollies, icing sugar etc. They followed a house building plan under the supervision of their substitute teacher. Love the iced vo-vo roof and licorice chimney. He was pretty chuffed with how it worked out.

 Thought I might sneak in a reno post, a quick one, as I have had a sniffle today, darn allergy!!! Guilty of dump and run blogging lately, like everyone else, too many things to do.
Wondering if we could hold them to this guarantee even if we won't be living in the house?
Going against the norm (as usual) and have decided to paint the veranda ceiling green. The same green as the outside walls in fact -Neptune.
 A bit of useless info here, (open)veranda roofs were often painted a cool colour to sooth the senses from the stifling heat. And as the veranda  walls will be painted white, which will be hard enough to keep clean, we thought green might help camouflage any grime on the ceiling.

Wouldn't you think, the paint shop would give us something better than a bit of plastic, after spending a small fortune on one tin of paint. Have you ever used one of these paint pourers? We hadn't, (despite single handedly keeping the paint shop in town in business)

Something so simple, which we managed to fluff. Pour slowly!

Cutting in is my job, which takes forever.

Mr CH can whip through his part quickly with the extender roller.

And then take a day or so to rest the weary neck muscles.

While he was painting, I was skim coating and sanding all the dents in the door and window surrounds.

Mr Ch decided to "shock horror" get something DBSE otherwise known as "done by someone else"!!!  Instead of using the bender in the family machining shed, he ordered some custom bent flashing. Said he felt like he was cheating.
Darn DIYers!

How DIY are we?
Had a little think about that, and was reminded of a few things by hubby.
We've tried house stumping - twice
House roofing - twice
Fence building - once (cheated and got a friend to do the front fence)
House extending- once ,foundations to roof, the first and biggest project to date
Tiling - floor twice, walls once.
Stairs, awnings, arbours
Paving and retaining walls 
A couple of kitchens and a bathroom and a half?
DIY pest control - started after the pest men couldn't guarantee effectiveness with all the rain.
Upholstery and rug cleaning - wouldn't recommend that one, they earn every cent.
 Mr CH has dabbled in a bit of home brewing.
All computer installation and maintenance.
Digital TV booster installation (not 240v)
All car maintenance on one of the cars.
Tree pruning - including removal of one mango tree to make way for house extension
Car engine re-builds and car spraying.
Three steel shed builds
Helped neighbours with reno jobs.
One backyard half pipe - a "build it and they will come" thing
Business owner
Furniture building and renovating
Two wedding cakes - which is two too many
 Lots of removal of other people's home improvements including a 70's brick bbq and a brown shower screen.
Still on the "to do "list
Our kitchen renovation - the oven is groaning!
Second bathroom from scratch (downstairs)
New back fence
Spiral stairs to replace the ladder!!!
Tiling floor of rumpus room
More furniture fix-ups
DIY camera lens fix
Mr CH's shed!!!
Partial kitchen reno (for a relative) on the holidays
Hope this doesn't sound like a "blow you own trumpet" kind of thing, intended more like encouragement, as before buying a house we'd done very little DIY.
In the last 15 years (minus 3 in the country) we've managed to save ourselves more than $100 000  (inspite of council fees) by DIY and never borrowed extra money to renovate. While our fix-ups are not expensive or trendy, the improvements will always be worth more than they cost.
If we hadn't bought the Reno Cottage we would have been debt free by 40, hmmm what's not to like about that?
It does help to have a few tradies in the family and what you can't get "free"help with, you can barter.
Mr CH once machined a pentrometer (soil sampler) for a family friend (civil engineer) in return for him to check and sign off on our house plans.
 Well that was a strange "short" post, wasn't going to write that.
Guess this blog is aptly named.
I'm ready for bed and it's only 8:30!


  1. Our son works in a paint shop and a week ago he brought home a can of jelly beans from's a wonder you didn't get one too. I like the green of the ceiling on the front is similar to our front room walls..our ceiling is white. That's a long list of reno experience!

  2. Everything you write about here reno-wise has meaning for me (us) Simmone, I do all the cutting-in too, the only difference - I wear thongs, not bare feet when I'm working! Ha!

    Sometimes I moan about our reno taking such a long time but I do know everything has been done properly with attention to detail and without going in to debt (like you we save up for each job and pay cash for what we need)

    I love your little boys biccie house. A village would be nice.

    I hope you have a great weekend, my job today (and tomorrow!) is painting some outdoor furniture we 'inherited' from my Mum (and making Christmas crackers) x

  3. I haven't seen one of those paint pourers before, but then it's been a good 6 years since I've held a brush in my hand. You'll be able to write a book on DIY, hell why not even your own TV show! Amazing. xx

  4. Wow, the biscuit mini house is just amazing! What a great idea...our kids are just colouring in all day at school, and boy aren't they happy..noT!

    You guys are just amazing and so inspirational. I can't Show you our dodgy kitchen reno as you would fall off your ladder laughing. We hope to have a room extension but will let the prod do it as otherwise it will be litke that house that Jack built, which the back already is. We do all our own painting though.

    If I don't catch up before Christmas has a wonderful day with the family and I hope you all have a well deserved break. Keep safe and happy, Tam x

    1. Crikeys....spelling mistakes galore. I mean pro's.

  5. I love that paint colour - so fresh! Looking good. Mini house is great too - what a good idea for kids to make.

  6. I love how the dog looks at you in the last picture.


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