Monday, December 3, 2012

Never ending story...

 Seems this post has been sitting as a draft in the list for over a week now, where did time go? Things have been moving along at a cracking pace, too many photos have been taken and no time left to blog about it. With two cameras sometimes on the go and my thinking in regards to photo taking, is that you can't go back once things have changed so snap away. Which means I have heaps of photos to sift through for each post (most never used).

What can I say? Lots of painting going on, of the oily kind.
The safety switch box has been partially installed in the kitchen, unfortunately. 

The veranda roof is boarded and panels of vj MDF sheeting have been nailed up on each end of the veranda roof, to tidy things up. 

Undercoating on the front veranda walls is well under way, hand painting this part as tapping off areas with plastic sheeting would be impossible with constant breezes.
The walls have been scraped and skim coated, sanded, washed etc.

The ceiling has been undercoated with a extender roller as well, neck-breaking work!

No progress inside though-eeekk!!!

One tiresome thing about renovating is the constant shifting of things from room to room and the knowing that one day, a giant clean-up will be required. Kind of depressing.

Always windows waiting, 29 in total, only one doesn't need fixing.

A few have some major doctoring work needed.

 Think I have mentioned that we use car bog (car filler) as filler in joints like these. Not as perfect as using on metal because wood shrinks and expands. However if you fill the gaps, dry and sand, then leave sit for a few weeks to see if there is any shrinkage then fill any gaps, this seems to work well for us. As these windows are customed for the spot, making or buying new would be too expensive, so we need to save them.
Our neighbours have recently been quoted  $10 000 for 20 custom sized windows (frames only-no glass) They have taken the option of buying a bay at a time as they can afford them. Mr CH said, if that was his house, he would make them. Buying a spindle mould, thicknesser, clamps and wood for $2 500 and have the machinery to keep after. Depends how urgent the need is really.

Just using this random pic.

The side railing on the veranda has been replaced with a new piece of hardwood and planed by Mr CH to fit with the old one at the front.

Bit of a painful job as the upright posts are parallel, but the floor slopes down and the wall above the window slopes up. Which we can't change or the windows wouldn't fit back in place. One of those quirks in and old, old house.
Wow last photo already, guess I'll be back next time then.
Hopefully with a non-reno post. I'm the only one in the house whose feeling a bit Christmasy. 


  1. Fantastic progress. Those windows are a bugger to paint aren't they? (Good job on the re-putty too!) I still have vivid memories painting those same windows with my first born sitting in his rocker out in the backyard. I swore then I would never to another reno! xx

  2. You guys are such hard workers, but it will be beautiful in the end. ;-)

  3. The dirty reality of renovating, hey. Sigh. It's enough to put you off ever starting in the first place! Looks like you're getting there though xx

  4. You guys are machines at just trawling through the grotty stuff. We can see the progress, even though it is partially obscured by off cuts and power tools. Keep up the good work! melx

  5. I have such respect for you guys. Most people just gut and buy new. Taking the time...the long and tedious, excruciating time I know to re-salvage and putty and make do to be not over spend is so admirable. Its that old fashioned "make do or do with out" ingenuity that is rarely seen in this least in the states.I love the car putty tip by the way. Why is it only the woman of the house gets sentimental over Christmas?

  6. Sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors in that last comment...too much home made white wine with dinner I think!

  7. I think our front verandah would have looked a lot like yours originally. It was closed in already when we bought the place. It now has a large picture window all along the front, which is our favourite window for the outlook. The front door is still in situ though as well as now having another newer front door from the verandah..and the outside vj boards look the same as yours. I love watching your progress.

  8. You guys work so hard. I hope you have a nice break over the Christmas period. I love the original coloured glass, we have some too. x

  9. It's a lot of work I can see but it most be very gratifying when it's all done.


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