Friday, December 21, 2012

Kid kitsch and Christmas prepping....

The lovely comments on the post before last (dough decorations), about our nice simple Christmas tree made me chuckle. Sorry, thought I should probably come clean. Truth is, the dough ornaments were on the little tree, the bigger tree looks a bit different.
There never has been an elegantly decorated Christmas tree at our place, no matchy, matchy baubles in co-ordinating colours. Most years, our "kid kitsch" tree has looked like the result of a throwing competition. Gone are the days when I would rearrange a few bits when they were off at school, those five ornaments per branch, usually at the eye height of each child, hoping to make our tree look a little less lopsided.
 Our tree may not be stylish but it's all us. From those early days when the ornaments were few and mostly handmade, through the years as each child has added their own creations.
 The Santa with the curly mo and the angel with blue eyes and lips.
Pipe cleaner Santa and peg reindeer.
Plaster of paris angel and a Santa with blue face and orange moustache.

 Every coloured-in piece showing evidence of expired textas and roll up crayons at the end of a long school year. I don't think we have a single Santa or angel that isn't two-toned.
 Ice-cream sticks covered in crepe paper and peg stars.
Pipe cleaner and lace candy canes and wreaths , angels with wonky faces and eyebrows. Paper snowflakes and the gold painted pine cones (I remember making these in my childhood)
We wouldn't have it any other way. And once they've all flown the nest and taken their decorations with them (4 decorations per kid, per year adds up), these might be all we will be left with.

It been a week for last minute preparations, trying some ideas from Pinterest and baking foody gifts, I had to make a slice for Mr CH's end of year lunch (he was on sweets and picked it) whose main ingredients were fat and icing sugar and smothered with chocolate, never making that again!

We like these ideas from Pinterest, esp the upside down gingerbread man cutter for reindeer biscuits.
 We made a gingerbread house that must need re-stumping as the roof is looking a bit saggy, too many cooks on that one. No.3 had fun making a dog (and dog bowl), so our house is more of a gingerbread doghouse.

I think the back looks (a bit) better.

We've had two out of three Birthdays so far, thankfully low key.
Had fun with a work secret santa.

Secret santa presents are still a work in progress and are added to, up until the last minute. Our $20 limit is challenging, but forces you to be creative.  We have fun, some are hilarious and some nice. Past presents have included a dreadlock wig, muscle man apron, egg laying chicken (don't ask!), lots of indulgent food and the booby present - a foot spa! Who uses that?

Trying to make a few more decorations while in the Christmast mood. The day starts at 5am, so you might as well be stitching. Thought I would try a stick tree this year.

Started this tree last year and it's still not finished but the star was added this year. Maybe next year it will have a base?

For someone else.

The Christmas confectionery is progressing and waiting to be divied-up. Usually a once a year thing, so we all enjoy the indulgence.
White cranberry rocky road, rum balls, strawberry oreo fudge, pecan fudge, apricot and triple sec balls, and rocky road fudge and the good old faithful - almond bread.

A parting gift from school (head lice!) has been dealt with and defeated.
 Well, maybe, you never are quite sure....

  And on one of the windiest days of the year, avoiding a fire out on the front road. Might have been kids or a cigarette butt, thankfully the wind was blowing away from our fence. Late afternoon and we didn't even smell or know there was a fire until we saw the firetruck near the front gate. We hear so many sirens daily, that we tend to ignore them.  Burnt a few tree including the big pine tree on the other side of the road so there'll be no swiping a few branches for Christmas this year.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your families and enjoy a good break if you have some time off work.
Enjoy your family and take care.
See you in 2013.



  1. Merry Christmas Simmone! Your stitching is superb, especially the red heart and the Christmas tree. I agree, it is so light at 5 am that you may as well do something useful and the quiet of the morning is good for sewing as you can concentrate being rested after a good night's sleep {hopefully!}.

  2. Yeah for your tree and decorating! This is the first year Mac
    Has contributed tree wise and I love it! Your prep looks great, merry Christmas to you and your family. See you in 2013 x

  3. Goodness - there is a feast of festive bits and bobs here to look at - I love the mix of decorations and the gathering of children's makes (I have paper angels that are beginning to look a little worse for wear but of course they must go on the tree). Also love the colour on your wall behind the tree (does that sound a bit weird?)
    Best wishes for the festive season and happy decorating for 2013

  4. Oh Simmone! You are a Christmas supersar! I LOVE your tree and all the other things you've made. I feel like a total failure when I look at the amazing effort you've put into everything.
    OMG! Just wait till you see my gingerbread house! Ghetto to your mansion!

  5. Merry Christmas. May it be restful because you and Mr CH have earnt the break! xx

  6. I forgot to mention that I love your tree. The decorations made by your children are beautiful. A tree of memories and decorations made with love are so special. xc

  7. Enjoyed the tour of kid-made Christmas tree decorations. Our own tree is starting to get pretty laden with pipe cleaners and construction paper too! I am also so glad to see that some of your Christmas crafts take several Christmases to finish. I always have the world's best intentions come the end of November to then claim defeat the week before Christmas that "those couple Christmas projects" wont get completed again this year. I did finish one but it has been so dark and cloudy I have not a chance to take any decent shots.
    Hope you have a beautiful Christmas in balmy Australian.
    We are trying to do the same in fridged but still snow-less New York.
    Thanks for your comments on my last post. It was a hard one to right. I very much agree with you.

  8. I love all those handmade decorations, I hope I can amass a collection like that as kids grow up. The gingerbread house is fantastic, next year for me as my oven is for emergency use only at the moment. And love those pinterest ideas, might try that upside down gingerbread man reindeer myself next year. Hope you had a great day. mel x

  9. I love that your Christmas tree is well loved with all its contributions from your children in the ornament department :) Ours is headed that way too :) Your gingerbread house looks lovely (love the mini marshmallow roof) and those reindeer biscuits are very clever. I hope your Christmas Day was an extra special one x


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