Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy vintage finds for 2012

When I went to look for some pics for this post, I found that I had already blogged about most of my thrifty finds this year. I haven't wanted to buy things just to have something to blog about. Though looking around the house, funny you think somethings have been there for an age, they just seem to blend into the gathered things that make our house a home. 
I found lots of things I was very happy to bring home this year, among them another enamel teapot in red.

Which has had me wasting time re-displaying the top of the dresser and swiping the rosey tins Mr CH hasn't used for his guitars yet. The poor white pot has been relocated. NO more really!!! Well maybe one more, don't they say you should display in odd numbers, 3's or 5's?
Just noticed a plate missing as it has the Christmas cake on it.

I bought a few doileys, napkins and hankerchiefs earlier in the year before Grandma's linens turn up.
During winter I found two vintage chenille bedspreads for a few dollars each, the purple one was so yellow, which came clean after a good soak.  They are a bit smaller than the big queen size one I usually use, must be doubles.

I was happy to find this vintage plastic wrap lamp for $6, you can't get a nice new lamp for that.

Must be circa 1960's, as there is a similar lamp in the background of this pic of my mum in the late 60's, though with more ferny stuff on the flowers. (I loved those bark cloth curtains, they had pinky panels on a creamy background)

Another pretty cardbox, love this one.

As it has Christmas cards on the inside, which remind me of Holiday Inn with Bing, sigh.
 We had 39C 102F the other day, I need all the day dreaming I can get.
A few new/old swans found their way here, have a soft spot for Casey ware. The pink swan has a little sticker underneath in an old-fashioned hand to remind someone that a certain person gave her the swan before he was married?

Seems you can get these pic for reasonable price $15, wisdom in the Word. This one is 50cm long.
Like the first part (proverbs 3:5) as one of my all time faves.

Had to have this funky retro planter.

 Would like a nicer pot plant tray to go in it, was hoping the flowers would spill over, but not all seeds came up. Mr CH likes yellow flowers.

Loved this pale yellow biscuit barrel, more for display than to use.

Happy to find this plate, yes it's just a pretty plate....

..until it finds it's long lost buddies. Which started with a bowl from my aunt, then a matching saucer from an oppy. Happy matching plates for $2 total - the sunburst pattern, manufactured by Australian Crown Glass in the 1950's.
 Did you know, as most clear depression glass wasn't considered collectable there is less chance of buying fake reproductions than with the coloured glass pieces. I always check the seam line, usually a pronounced line means an earlier mould. I think you can also tell an older piece by the presence of bubbles and other irregularities.
 Has been a year of Pyrex pie plates, and with almost no effort I have managed to add another 6 plates to the two I already had. I now have three sizes, in three colours. The most expensive $4, the brown one (second from the bottom) free with a piece of furniture.
Will use some of these at Christmas.

Do they come in other colours in Australia?
 Have seen other colours in the Pyrex love on Flickr 

Has been a year of outdoor furniture, which we need lots of. Bought four metal garden chairs for $5 each! So comfortable!

A moment of serendipity.
On a lone trip to the hardware shop (for a tin of paint), I spied some white chairs across the road at my favourite oppy (hawk eyes) as I was driving around the corner, parked in an empty parking spot just after the corner. Walked across the road to have a look with only $20 cash in my purse. Bought them two minutes before and older couple started admiring them. They asked me how much were they as I was loading them in the back of the wagon ( I want to keep this car forever!) Was meant to be! 

Found this outdoor chaise before winter. The 80/90's cushion needs to go and a new paint job is planned (one day!) Has been a very popular seat for both humans and animals.

Moments after I took the above pic, the two little shadows hopped on for a snooze in the shade.

Last one -  my favorite find of the year a 1960's chic outdoor setting. Another lucky find (in an op shop window) out walking the dog after hours and had to wait until Monday morning hoping someone hadn't already bought it.
Fantastic condition, love the plasticy chair cushions, very comfortable, no tears, no blemishes, very heavy. Someone has taken care of them, just a few bits of rust underneath the glass table top (which Mr CH will look at) and some surface rust here and there on the chairs which I have treated with some Rust Converter. Just enough rust not to look like a reproduction.  
 Hubby and I have been wanting a small table and chair setting for a few years now and have looked at the ones at Recollections/EarlySettler for so long, trying to decide old vs new/repro.
 Sometimes it's better to wait a bit, after all we couldn't beat that price.

So I played silly stylist for half an hour before the sun got too hot. Hard pressed to find a non-dehydrated patch of garden at the moment.
Table and chairs - Op-shop $80
Vintage crocheted tablecloth - Grandma's belongings
Gingham crochet cloth - Op shop earlier in the year
Green tray - Mr CH made
Yellow jug - antique fair
Flowers - garden
Lots of girly things this post, did you like my finds? 


  1. Hi Simmone they are beautiful. You really have a good eye for picking out gorgeous things and in lovely colours too. I would happily have any of these in my house too! I can't even pick a clear favourite...though the enamel teapots and glassware are up there.

  2. I LOVE your finds! And I also love your photography. You always take such pretty pics. I was favouriting many more of your pics on Flickr not too long ago. Now to the finds - the outdoor setting is outstanding - score of the year! Also love the sunbed, planter box stand thingy, biccy barrel, cardboard box, teapot - so the lot really Ha! Always love to see what you've purchased.x

  3. What a great collection these past months. I love the teapot, all you need now is a pink one i reckon then it's a complete set. Those colours and tones are my absolute have, very cath kidston-esque. I have a few of those pyrex flan dishes too. i have also seen then in turquoise, purple and lime green but not in good enough condition that I own them- I have orange and yellow. What is it with pets and new finds? My cat weasels her way into so many blog photos and has to test any new item that comes home. mel x

  4. Love your collection of vintage finds.
    Hands down the best find would be those outside chairs for $5 and the chaise.
    Again, that old-fashioned mentality of if you want something...wait till its right.
    Something I am trying to learn and carry out.
    And yes, yes I we would be down for a house swap any day!!
    Every watch that movie with Kate Winslow and Cameron Diaz and Jude Law where they switch houses? It is a great movie if you can stand the over acting from Diaz.

  5. I LOVE your finds, especially the enamel teapots and swans!


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