Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fothergay fabric and saving windows,

 Thought I might start this post with a few random pretty pics for a change. Don't know about you but I don't find pics of mouldy walls and power tools very interesting.
I covered a new lampshade in this fabric I found in Grandma's bits and pieces. It's called Elstree by Fothergay fabrics, don't know the age, though it looks more modern than what I would usually use. I thought the brown branch when well with the metal base and it has butterflies. I used the same spray glue that I used on the desk fix-up last post and did the roll shade with a pencil to make a pattern. Surprisingly easy for a truncated pyramid (Mr CH told me that)

When I was flicking through the old Better Homes and Garden magazine pics for the Santa cross stitch, I found these pictures that I'd saved. From 1996, back in the day when all the home interior pictures came from America (Aussie homes must have been considered un-stylish at the time)
I still love that boat picture on the wall...

...and think these chairs look amazing, probably not comfortable though. 
A little bit Granny Chic/50's diner goodness.

Back to the renovating... the rest of the front wall has been undercoated (oil based) and the front fascia (under the guttering) has been painted in oxblood.

This pic can stay small. Call me Wilson (Home Improvements).
My MIL thinks I'm growing muscles (just what every girls wants!) I think it might be Mr CH and his cooking of Chicko rolls.
Lots of these to paint!

 How to save old windows fit for the dump.

Mr CH using his trusty little Dremel cutter to cut through the old putty so that he can pull out the glass  to clean and patch (if necessary) the wooden frames.

Much of the putty has already broken away.

 The veranda railing on the north side will need to be replaced. An awning over these outside windows should avoid this happening again.

The metal strip is the rail that the middle windows slide open along, the two outside windows are fixed windows.

 The bedroom 2 has also had the light/fan wiring moved to the centre of the ceiling and the old hole patched before we (Mr CH) paint the top coats of white.

The lining of the veranda ceiling has continued in fits and starts. The 4mm sheets of 3ply have been nailed up. At $22 per sheet, this is the most economical solution for our $10 000 budget. Mr CH can nail them up by himself (if he's home alone) and the strapping we will use to hold them in place will disguise any crooked bits common in these old houses. Plasterboard would have required extra ceiling studs and we have never done plastering before (that's 'cos we like vjs). Ply won't crack during the shrinking and expanding that most houses experience. And in-case of  DIY collapse it (hopefully) won't give brain damage.

I zoomed in a bit so you could see Mr CH's nifty angle fitting of his studs on the top wall.

Unfortunately the standard sized sheets we bought from a local "pot luck" dealer didn't cover the full length of the ceiling. So extra strapping will be needed.

We have a fan up! In bedroom 1. Starting to see progress.

El cheapo $55 ceiling fans because we just don't know how well someone (renters) will look after them.

Lights! Lovely aren't they?
Our kind and thoughtful neighbour wondered if we could use these on the veranda! They were in his house and he was saving them for ??? He really is a wonderful neighbour (he kept an eye on this house while we were away the first year) and this house is to be rented but... these are too darn U.G.L.Y. So think hard, we need a really good excuse as to why we didn't use these. I don't think he would go for the "Someone stole them" tale either.  Excuses please.

We will use the inside light fitting though.

Sneaky peak at the awnings I'll show another time.
 Thankyou to Caroline from West End Cottage for the offer of an award, they kind of freak me out though. Still humming an hahing over an "About Me" post (I'm just too darn uninteresting).
Thankyou to Anita from Fun and VJ's for the plug on her blog, crazy reno people need to stick together, much appreciated.
Have a great weekend everyone. 


  1. Hi Simmone, is there anything better than a chiko roll? I think not.

    I love your lamp shade makeover the fabric is just so pretty. I really like the 2 photos from the old magazine, the rooms would still look great now.

    The reno is coming alone. Not sure of an excuse for the lights, maybe blame the cat for knocking them over??

    I am having a giveaway if you would like to join, Tam x

  2. You guys are making fantastic progress and you just keep going and going. Very impressive. I should think a little ladder falling accident could wipe out those hideous glass shades in one fell swoop. mel x

  3. Those clear ones with the white flowers look ok..would probably make good verandah lights. The white glass ones aren't the best. Maybe just use those and ask whether he would like the others back or whether he wants you to give them away to someone else who could use them? You really don't need them in the rooms with fans 'cos they already have lights so he may understand that. I really like your new such an old fashioned sounding name isn't it..quaint really.

  4. Great progress on your reno. Its looking really nice...must be starting to feel like light at the end of a tunnel. I also enjoyed your thought process on your choice of ceiling too...least likelihood of brain damage always wins out.
    Question: how often WILL your neighbor be dropping by the veranda of your rental property?
    Never speaking of it again and being very, very vague is a good option, and used often by me.


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